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LCD Module includes TFT LCD display panel, Sunlight Readable LCD, Resizing Bar LCD, TFT LCD Module, Transflective LCD. Sunul offers a range of LCD panel module. TFT LCD displays meet the needs for products within industrial, medical, and consumer applications.

Sunlight Readable LCD Manufacturer

SUNUL offer the sunlight readable LCD, optically bonded and daylight readable LVD panel,module,displays. High Brightness LCD is ideal for use in bright conditions with indirect or reflected bright light conditions. They feature 1,000 to 6,000 nits of very high brightness. Please check the gallery pictures comparing sunlight readable display and optically bonded LCDs to standard LCD monitors in direct bright sunlight. As you will see, both the sunlight LCD and optically LCDs produce much clearer, the image you'll get would be very clear when put it in the outside or face to the sun directly.

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Sunlight Readable LCD

The High bright lcd panel range is from 1.3" to 82". The complete sunlight readable LCD display kits which include the very high brightness panel,led driving board, A/d board and wires. If you required, we also can supply the universal compatible and customizable functions, optical bonding (VBOND), wide range of video inputs, waterproof IP65 enclosures, open frame monitor,touch screen and so on. Compare Litemax Durapixel DLF,DLH,DLO/ SLO,DLD/ SLD,DLS. Customized High Brightness LCD Panel with Ad board,Open Frame LCD Monitor, Chassis LCD Monitor,Intel SDM Ready Display. Our price is cheaper than litemax Durapixel Sunlight readable LCD, DLF High Brightness LCD Panels,DLH High Brightness LCD Panels with Adboards, DLO/ SLO Open Frame LCD Monitors, DLD/ SLD Chassis LCD Monitors,DLS Intel SDM Ready Display, System designers, integrator and users serious about rugged, industrial display.

Sunlight Readable Monitor

Sunlight Readable monitor have been specially designed to improve screen clarity and clarity when viewed in direct sunlight. The sunlight readable LCD monitor allows users to see clear and clear video images even in direct sunlight. Our high brightness screen produces at least 1500 nits of brightness. The high brightness display and sunlight readable monitor will ensure that clear video images can be obtained even in bright sunlight. The result is better performance and bold colors in other high ambient light conditions as well. They can also use optical keys to cooperate as a display or touch screen display.

In short, we deploy outdoor waterproof sunlight readable display and high brightness monitor in a wide range of industries. For example, military, law enforcement, and manufacturing plants all benefit from high-brightness screens. Amusement parks, stadiums, public transportation, construction and heavy equipment all rely on them. In addition, outdoor monitors are required in pipeline inspections, kiosks, marine, oil and gas, drones, and security applications. When it works, you can rely on the TRU-Vu monitor to provide the best weather-resistant monitor solution for your specific needs. Sunlight readable monitor, used for indoor and outdoor text and graphics display, with high brightness and high contrast. Sunlight readable display, used for indoor and outdoor text and LCD display, bright and rich in contrast.

Model Size Brightness Resolution Inputs Datasheet
SL-2.0 2.0 800 ~ 1200 320x240 - PDF
SL-2.4 2.4 800 ~ 1200 320x240 - PDF
SL-3.5 3.5 1200 ~ 3000 320x240/640x480 AV+VGA PDF
SL-4.3 4.3 1200 ~ 3000 480x272 AV+VGA PDF
SL-5.7 5.7 1200 ~ 3000 640x480 AV+VGA PDF
SL-6.5 6.5 1200 ~ 3000 640x480/800x480 AV+VGA PDF
SL-7.0 7.0 1200 ~ 3000 800x480/1024x600 AV+VGA/HDMI PDF
SL-8.0 8.0 1200 ~ 3000 800x600 AV+VGA/HDMI PDF
SL-8.4 8.4 1200 ~ 3000 800x600 AV+VGA/HDMI PDF
SL-10.1 10.1 1200 ~ 3000 1280x720 AV+VGA/HDMI PDF
SL-10.4 10.4 1200 ~ 3000 800x600/1024x768 AV+VGA/HDMI PDF
SL-12 12.1 1200 ~ 3000 1024x768/1280x800 AV+VGA/HDMI PDF
SL-15.4 15 1200 ~ 3000 1024x768 AV+VGA/HDMI PDF
SL-17 17 1200 ~ 3000 1280x1024 AV+VGA/HDMI PDF
SL-19 19 1200 ~ 3000 1280x1024/1440x900 AV+VGA/HDMI PDF
SL-22 22 1500 ~ 3000 1920x1080 AV+VGA/HDMI PDF
SL-24 24 1500 ~ 3000 1920x1080 AV+VGA/HDMI PDF
SL-27 27 1500 ~ 6000 1366x768/1920x1080 VGA+HDMI+DVI PDF
SL-32 32 1500 ~ 6000 1366x768/1920x1080 VGA+HDMI+DVI PDF
SL-43 43 2500 ~ 6000 1920x1080 VGA+HDMI+DVI PDF
SL-55 55 2500 ~ 6000 1920x1080 VGA+HDMI+DVI PDF
SL-65 65 2500 ~ 6000 3840x2160 VGA+HDMI+DVI PDF
SL-75 75 2500 ~ 6000 3840x2160 VGA+HDMI+DVI PDF
SL-86 86 2500 ~ 6000 3840x2160 VGA+HDMI+DVI PDF
SL-98 98 2500 ~ 6000 3840x2160 VGA+HDMI+DVI PDF

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