China LCD Display & Monitor Manufacturer

Cheap LCD factory specializes in the production of various TFT LCD Display, Round LCD Display, Square LCD Display, Sunlight readable & high brightness LCD Monitors. SUNUL takes great pains to ensure the high quality LCD modules and displays.

Skilled Experience

We are the manufacturer of LCD and Monitor for 8 years.

OEM Production

As a factory, we can accept any OEM & ODM requirements.

High Quality

Most of our products use the mould, quality is guaranteed.

Our History

China based global LCD module display manufacturer since 2012.
china lcd display


High Brightness Monitor

  • Made of high brightness LED backlit at least 1500nits.
  • High shock & vibration resistance, long life, low power
  • Customizable functions include optical bonding waterproof

Sunul is a TFT LCDRound LCDSquare LCDStretched LCDShelf EdgeHigh BrightnessTransflectiveIndustrial Display Manufacturer.

Circular LCD Display

Use a cool circular LCD in your next project! Many of our customers request custom “specially shaped displays”. So to add to our square and round LCD displays.

Square LCD Display

Square LCD display and professional square high brightness custom make monitors are mainly used for commercial use.

Shelf Edge Display

Wide shelf edge LCD for advertising directly on the shelf edge no bezels in between each display, an enormous advantage which customers.

Transflective LCD Display

Transflective display which hold both transmissive and reflective properties, and the method of image display depends upon the conditions of the ambient environment.

Industrial Monitor

The different kinds of industrial monitors and we dedicated to producing high quality monitors & competitive price, as a result,our products are hot sale in worldwide.

Custom LCD Display

Focus on custom LCD display with the industrial and automotive display solutions. It is the cheap price, experienced staff ,good product performance TFT LCD display manufacturer.

BAR Type LCD & Stretched LCD Display

Sunul is a specialist in stretched monitor manufacturer from china and also have solutions during a sort of sizes and aspect ratios.

The stretched LCD display include many different sizes, functions and features, making them adaptable to all or any kinds of digital signage projects. On the other hand, the high brightness sunlight readable and touch overlays are often integrated for an interactive solution. Meet Sunul stretched monitor’s fresh native bar LCD display series. Ultra stretch LCD, slim and narrow intentionally which is designed to satisfy the stress of the foremost restricted digital signage spaces. Which it is also provide super wide aspect ratios as wide as 16:1 and in sizes starting from 6 inches to 86 inches.



SUNUL is one of the leading TFT LCD display OEM/ODM manufacturers in China since 2013.

SUNUL has been a worldwide business in design, produce and custom LCD display lead the industry in making high quality rugged solutions. We make LCD module with the specialized fluid and parameters for the difference applications. We provide a one-stop LCD display solution. During the last 10 years, based on LCD manufacturing as our center, we gradually expand to the TFT capacities touchscreen, TFT LCD OLED, driving board, high bright LCD, transflective LCD, stretched bar LCD and complete industrial computer solution.

From supplying TFT LCD modules to industrial, medical and commercial applications, Sunul has made great strides in defining and redefining the value of its products for Chinese customers. Our focus remains “win-win”. In this competitive world, finding a better way has opened up a way for us to monitor development. All promises are kept and we pride ourselves on delivering the best service when it matters most.