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LCD Monitor includes Shelf Edge LCD Display, Bar LCD Monitor, Industry LCD Monitor, High Brightness Monitor, Marine Monitor. The monitors / displays meet the needs for products within industrial, medical, and consumer applications.

Shelf Edge Display Manufacturer

Shelf edge digital signage

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Digital shelf edge, stretched pos display digital shelf edge, we've launched a replacement range of wide stretched LCD point of sale displays for advertising directly on the shelf edge no bezels in-between each display, an enormous advantage which customers. Sunul industrial screens are designed specifically for shelf edge integration within the retail environment. full of a strong processor, the screen display pivots forward for restocking the shelves and is meant to figure with the real-life requirements of the retail environment.

Sunul edge digital shelf LCD display is about the special application on edge digital shelf for smart retail solution. Considering the retail shelf environment, we will provide both shelf header LCD displays and shelf-edge LCD displays, which are specially designed for the shelf restricted space digital signage applications. Digital shelf edge displays are using native stretched LCD panels, stretched LCD panels, also referred to as bar displays, are made up of boe, innolux and auo during a sort of sizes, configurations, and brightness options. Native stretched LCD panels haven't any problems like broken glass, fragile sealing, micro-cracks, light leakage that cut bar displays encountered.

Shelf Edge Display Manufacturer

Electronic shelf label is no longer just a simple display prices. They play a greater role in providing information to employees and customers. These elements enhance the in-store user experience by saving time and helping employees and shoppers make informed decisions. Stand alone, fixed on a shelf or special railing, provide the most suitable position for the electronic shelf label, and are equipped with various clips and brackets to choose from. Each option is perfectly combined with the elegantly designed electronic shelf label (ESL), providing unprecedented security and flexibility.
Electronic shelf label technology. From a highly reliable and market-leading supplier, to ensure the highest quality of electronic shelf labels in the industry (100% successful online testing) and unique characteristics. A brand new design, stylish and modern, electronic shelf label seamlessly suitable for various environments. It is thinner than any previous label, adding a modern touch to every store. Available in a variety of colors, ESL remains elegant while conforming to the retailer’s corporate design.


Size Model Resolution Active Size Dimension Housing Inputs Datasheet
11" N11-1280 1280x120 280x27 288x41x4 / RGB PDF
16.3" SR18.5-166 1366x166 410x50 437x77x15 / VGA+HDMI PDF
  SR18.5-166MA 1366x166 410x50 437x77x30 Metal Housing VGA+HDMI
  SR18.5-166MB 1366x166 410x50 437x77x30 Metal Housing Android
19.2" SR21.5-200 1920x200 476x50 503x77x15 / VGA+HDMI PDF
  SR21.5-200MA 1920x200 476x50 503x77x30 Metal Housing VGA+HDMI
  SR21.5-200MB 1920x200 476x50 503x77x30 Metal Housing Android
20.2" SR23-188 1920x188 509x50 532x77x15 / VGA+HDMI PDF
  SR23-188MA 1920x188 509x50 532x77x30 Metal Housing VGA+HDMI
  SR23-188MB 1920x188 509x50 532x77x30 Metal Housing Android
23.6" SR27-160 1920x160 598x50 625x77x15 / VGA+HDMI PDF
  SR27-160 MA 1920x160 598x50 625x77x30 Metal Housing VGA+HDMI
  SR27-160 MB 1920x160 598x50 625x77x30 Metal Housing Android
27.6" SR31.5-136 1920x136 698x50 730x81x20 / VGA+HDMI PDF
  SR31.5-136MA 1920x136 698x50 730x81x30 Metal Housing VGA+HDMI
  SR31.5-136MB 1920x136 698x50 730x81x30 Metal Housing Android
34.9" SR40-108 1920x108 856x49 917x81x20 / VGA+HDMI PDF
  SR40-108MA 1920x108 856x49 917x81x30 Metal Housing VGA+HDMI
  SR40-108MB 1920x108 856x49 917x81x30 Metal Housing Android
36.4" SR41.6-184 1920x184 919x88 952x120x20 / VGA+HDMI PDF
  SR41.6-184MA 1920x184 919x88 952x120x30 Metal Housing VGA+HDMI
  SR41.6-184MB 1920x184 919x88 952x120x30 Metal Housing Android


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