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Square LCD Display

Sunul square LCD display and professional square high brightness custom make monitors are mainly used for commercial use.

We can offer a variety of options including square panels and kits as well as closed square LCD monitors and full metal monitors. Interactive touchscreen options are also available as well as fully customized solutions to specifically meet your project requirements, be it high brightness, rugged, extra thick touchscreens, or various input options such as HDMI, VGA, DVI, and more.

All of our square LCD display is available in kits for AD interface boards and touchscreens. You can use it for your own and fixed integration of designs. If you need, we can also offer square monitors/displays with bonded PCAP touchscreens, both with narrow bezels and optical bonding, for use in sunlight readability or high ambient conditions. Suitable for all occasions, such as square digital signage displays, advertising displays, home appliances, digital signage, entertainment and gaming design, and product display design are especially popular. Please contact our technical sales team to discuss your project requirements.

If you can not find the right size square LCD display, we also can custom made it for you too. As a LCD factory, we can produce qualified LCD prices are competitive in the market.

Size Model Resolution Active Area Brightness Chipset Type Interface Datasheet
1.3″ NS-1.3-240 240×240 23.4×23.4 500 ST7789V IPS MIPI Contact
1.54″ NS-1.54-240 240×240 27.2×27.2 500 ST7789V IPS MCU Contact
1.54″ NS-1.54-320 320×320 27.7×27.7 800 ST7796S IPS MIPI Contact
3.95″ NS-3.95-480 480×480 71.8×71.8 500 ST7701S IPS RGB Contact
7.1″ SR-8.4-600 600×600 127×127 500 ST7701S TN RGB Contact
8.8″ SR-10.4-600 600×600 158×158 500 ST7701S TN RGB Contact
17″ SR-17-1920 1920×1920 303×303 350 IPS LVDS Contact
22″ SR-22-1920 1920×1920 394.5×394.5 350 IPS LVDS Contact
26.5″ SR-26.5-1920 1920×1920 475.7×475.7 350 IPS LVDS Contact
33″ SR-33-1920 1920×1920 596×596 350 IPS LVDS Contact
40″ SR-40-1920 1920×1920 714×714 350 IPS LVDS Contact
44.9″ SR-44.9-1280 1280×1280 806×806 350 IPS LVDS Contact

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  • Standard Features – Our square LCD monitors come standard with HDMI and VGA inputs for connection to your computer or media player.
  • Optional Features –  This can be equipped with an internal Android or Windows player with Wi-Fi connection for internet connection so you can add online digital signage software. It can easily be used as an advertising tool.
  • Customization – The display is anti-glare, and we can customize the bright backlit to ensure your display looks great wherever it’s installed.
  • A square LCD refers to a square-sized LCD area, 1:1 Aspect Ratio, and the square screen has the same number of rows and columns, so that the actual square image can be displayed through the square display.
  • A square LCD module does not mean that the overall size is also square, because as an LCD module, it also contains a backlit, and the control chip waits, so for a square LCD with a square display area, since other accessories are under the liquid crystal, the outline shape of the LCD cannot be is square.
  • Square LCD screens are widely used in smart wearable, smart hair removal devices, smart hair clippers, medical instruments, smart small appliances and other products.

Square LCD Display Applications

The square display delivers vivid and lifelike images for unrivaled visual volume, and the wide-vision panel guarantees incredible image quality and color depth in any orientation without sacrificing color accuracy. Widely used in business, in retail, museums, digital art, exhibition halls, shopping malls, supermarkets, entertainment and Aircraft displays, aviation simulators, etc.. This innovative square video display is bright and high-resolution for commercial use. The high-resolution feature allows users to view details without distortion, even on square displays. In addition, by applying color support technology, the color reproduction range is wide, allowing us to express accurate natural colors on square monitor screens.

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