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Sunul is a specialist in stretched monitor manufacturer from china and also have solutions during a sort of sizes and aspect ratios.

The stretched LCD display include many different sizes, functions and features, making them adaptable to all or any kinds of digital signage projects. On the other hand, the high brightness sunlight readable and touch overlays are often integrated for an interactive solution.

Meet Sunul stretched monitor’s fresh native bar LCD display series. Ultra stretch LCD, slim and narrow intentionally which is designed to satisfy the stress of the foremost restricted digital signage spaces and public transportation LCD display applications. Which it is also provide super wide aspect ratios as wide as 16:1 and in sizes starting from 6 inches to 96 inches. Then, the larger size LCD is ideal for displaying panoramic content and catching an audience’s attention in advertising and railway LCD display applications.  On the other hand, the small type LCD is commonly utilized in appliances, kiosks, mobile devices, flight simulators, rail LCD monitor , and gaming machines.

If you can not find the right size stretched LCD display, we also can custom made it for you too. As a LCD factory, we can produce qualified LCD prices are competitive in the market.

Size Type Model Resolution Active Area Bright(nits) Inputs Datasheet
0.96″ Bar LCD NB-0.96-80 80×160 10.8×21.7 250 spi Contact
1.14″ Bar LCD NB-1.14-135 135×240 14.86×24.91 250 RGB Contact
2.86″ Bar LCD NB-2.86-376 376×960 26.508×67.68 250 MIPI Contact
2.99″ Bar LCD NB-2.99-268 268×800 24.12×72 250 MIPI Contact
3.9″ Bar LCD NB-3.9-480 480×128 95.04×25.34 250 RGB Contact
4.6″ Bar LCD NB-4.6-800 800×320 108×47.15 250 RGB Contact
6.5″ Bar LCD NB-6.5-800 800×320 154.08×57.28 250 RGB Contact
6.85″ Bar LCD NB-6.85-280 280×1240 33.6×170.8 250 RGB Contact
6.86″ Bar LCD NB-6.86-480 480×1280 60.2×160.5 250 MIPI Contact
7.84″ Bar LCD NB-7.84-480 480×1280 59.4×190.08 250 MIPI Contact
8.8″ Bar LCD NB-8.8-480 480×1920 54.7×218.8 250 MIPI Contact
9″ Bar LCD NB-9-1024 1024×105 230×23 250 RGB Contact
10.4″ Bar LCD NB-10.4-1024 1024×100 264.2×26 250 RGB Contact
11″ Bar LCD NB-11-1280 1280×120 280×27 250 RGB Contact

For below models, we can offer LCD panel Kit & Complete monitor.

7.1″ Square LCD SR8.4-600 600×600 127×127 300 AV+VGA Download
8.8″ Square LCD SR10.4-600 600×600 158×158 300 AV+VGA Download
13.8″ Stretched SR15.6-256 1366×256 344×64 300 VGA+HDMI Download
14.1″ Stretched SR15.6-384 1366×384 345×96 300 VGA+HDMI Download
16.3″ Shelf Edge SR18.5-166 1366×166 410×50 300 VGA+HDMI Download
16.5″ Stretched SR18.5-256 1366×256 410×77 300 VGA+HDMI Download
16.9″ Stretched SR18.5-384 1366×384 410×117 300 VGA+HDMI Download
17″ Square LCD SR-17-1920 1920×1920 303×303 300 VGA+HDMI Contact
18.9″ Shelf Edge SR21.5-200 1920×200 476×50 300 VGA+HDMI Download
19.1″ Stretched SR21.5-360 1920×360 476×89 300 VGA+HDMI Download
19.5″ Stretched SR21.5-540 1920×540 476×134 300 VGA+HDMI Download
20.2″ Shelf Edge SR23-188 1920×188 509×50 300 VGA+HDMI Download
21.4″ Stretched SR23-720 1920×720 509×190 300 VGA+HDMI Download
21.7″ Stretched SR24-540 1920×540 531×149 300 VGA+HDMI Download
22″ Square LCD SR-22-1920 1920×1920 394.5×394.5 300 VGA+HDMI Contact
23.6″ Shelf Edge SR27-160 1920×160 598×50 300 VGA+HDMI Download
24.5″ Stretched SR27-540 1920×540 598×168 300 VGA+HDMI Download
25.1″ Stretched SR27-720 1920×720 598×224 300 VGA+HDMI Download
26.5″ Square LCD SR-26.5-1920 1920×1920 475.7×475.7 300 VGA+HDMI Contact
27.6″ Shelf Edge SR31.5-136 1920×136 698×50 300 VGA+HDMI Download
28.1″ Stretched SR31.5-360 1920×360 698×131 300 VGA+HDMI Download
28.6″ Stretched SR31.5-540 1920×540 698×200 300 VGA+HDMI Download
29.4″ Stretched SR31.5-720 1920×720 698×262 300 VGA+HDMI Download
33″ Square LCD SR-33-1920 1920×1920 596×596 300 VGA+HDMI Contact
34.9″ Shelf Edge SR40-108 1920×108 856×49 300 VGA+HDMI Download
36.4″ Shelf Edge SR41.6-184 1920×184 919×88 300 VGA+HDMI Download
36.8″ Stretched SR41.6-360 1920×360 919×172 300 VGA+HDMI Download
37.6″ Stretched SR41.6-540 1920×540 919×258 300 VGA+HDMI Download
38.6″ Stretched SR41.6-720 1920×720 919×345 300 VGA+HDMI Download
40″ Square LCD SR-40-1920 1920×1920 714×714 300 VGA+HDMI Contact
40.8″ Stretched SR46-360 1920×360 1018×190 300 VGA+HDMI Download
42.4″ Stretched SR49-360 1920×360 1074×201 300 VGA+HDMI Download
43.9″ Stretched SR49-540 1920×540 1074×302 300 VGA+HDMI Download
44.9″ Square LCD SR-44.9-1280 1920×1920 806×806 300 VGA+HDMI Contact
48.5″ Stretched SR55-360 1920×360 1210×226 300 VGA+HDMI Download
49.5″ Stretched SR55-540 1920×540 1210×346 300 VGA+HDMI Download
57.5″ Stretched SR65-400 1920×400 1428×300 300 VGA+HDMI Contact
69.3″ Stretched SR75-480 1920×480 1649×618 300 VGA+HDMI Contact

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  • Easy to install- The stretched LCD display is housed in a wall mountable chassis with standard VESA hole, and this hole catching format offers an innovative and fresh approach to grab the public’s attention..
  • High Brightness –  The custom sunlight readable 1500nits brightness LCD module with multiple video input options. And it is an option for many other models making these displays suitable for outdoor applications where sunlight readability is important.
  • Wide Applications – It is the perfect solution for restricted digital signage market, public transportation, office information, restaurant menu board, and vending machine applications.
  • The most popular application for bar LCD is publicly transportation displays, including route stretched displays onboard trains, streetcars, and in several cases they’re mounted on top of taxi cabs as mobile ad space.
  • The versatile and reliable stretch display is custom made, with an aspect ratio of 32:9 from the beginning. While we use customized cut LCD module to ensure the best quality and performance.
  • The stretched technology provides you with a series of innovative ways to attract public attention. These monitor is available in a variety of sizes, configurations and brightness options, making them the perfect multi functional solution for digital signage, include retail, advertising, public transportation, fast food restaurants and so on.

SUNUL have the stretched monitor technology which supply the customized solution for any special LCD requirements. As an cut LCD manufacturer, Sunul can quickly help you create the ideal LCD for your product. If your product have unique requirements and mechanical dimensions, we can meet your requirements by working with our professional technology.

Ultra Wide LCD & Stretched Bar LCD

Since ultra wide LCD so ubiquitous lately , because it has matured into a totally developed, versatile product that has adapted to several different applications and environments. As you know the applications are constantly diversifying and that we are now seeing bar LCD displays with multi-touch displays, video walls, and interactive. Which aims to offer consumers a more fun, educational and enhanced customer experience that helps drive sales.

The Stretched LCD display is available unusual shapes

As you know the monitor with conventional aspect ratios have limitations, in locations where they’re restricted tall or physical space, like on elevators, buses, or within the transportation and medical markets. However,The bar LCD is relatively new technology allows a resized LCD tube made to suit almost any application, yet it retains all its original performance and feature solution.

Bar LCD panel technology

Resizing bar LCD consists of LCD disassembly, physically cutting the glass to a replacement size, sealing the sides. The technology also can be utilized in a good range of applications where standard sizes aren’t suitable, generally where there are height or width restrictions. Which use this technology are highly cost-effective solution for these low and medium volume demands. At the same time,the incorporates a sensible auto-scaling function so when users play their original content, the size are automatically modified to suit cutting LCD super-wide resolution.

Public Transportation LCD Display

Railway LCD Display For Bues & Train

By performing series of complicated panel cutting processes, the bar LCD displays retain their original panel specifications, functions and performance, yet open up a replacement range of application possibilities. Their ultra wide shape is a perfect fit public signage applications in narrow, limited spaces. Panel resizing technology requires specific amount of disassembly re-assembly. The most critical step within the whole processes to chop the lcd glass and seal the lcd cell edges simultaneously. This tricky process requires complex and professional sealing technique. The lcd sealing process must happen during a vacuum environment to avoid air stepping into the liquid module, which can end in liquid leakage. SUNUL is proud to supply this technology which provides customers with an entire new choice o resized signage displays and exposes new avenues of opportunity.

Compare Litemax Stretched monitor

Comparing the bar LCD screens of Sunul and Litemax, the quality of our products is almost the same. While the materials Materials and functions are also close and can be fully compatible. However, our products are cheaper and cost-effective。

SUNUL had been thought impossible to preserve the first performance of a previously manufactured railway LCD display bar once the glass circuits are cut.  We have one the impossible, over and once again, becoming the world’s leading pioneer and leader in LCD cutting solutions.

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