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High Brightness Monitor

SUNUL offer the sunlight readable high brightness LCD monitors include the optically bonded and daylight readable functions.

It is ideal for bright conditions, including the chassis LCD monitor, Ip65 waterproof , outdoor LCD display and open frame monitor. Please check the gallery pictures comparing sunlight readable display and optically bonded LCD to standard LCD monitors in direct bright sunlight. While you can find, both the sunlight LCD and optically LCD is very clear when put it in the outside or face to the sun directly.

SUNUL can offer the high bright LCD monitor range from 2.0″ to 98″.  The complete monitor kits which include the very high brightness LCD panel, led driving board, A/d board and wires.  If you need we also can supply the universal compatible and customizable functions include optical bonding (VBOND), wide range of video inputs, waterproof IP65 enclosures, open frame monitor, touch screen and so on.

Our products are of good quality and more cost-effective than Litemax and Dynascan rugged industrial monitor. For example, Litemax Durapixel DLF,DLH,DLO/ SLO,DLD/ SLD,DLS series, as well as the customized LCD screen with ad board, open Frame LCD Monitor, chassis LCD Monitor, Intel SDM ready display.

If you can not find the right size sunlight readable LCD display, we also can custom made it for you too.  As a LCD factory, we can produce qualified LCD prices are competitive in the market.

Size Model (Kits/Monitor) Brightness Resolution Active Area (cm) Inputs Datasheet
2″ TF-2.0-240 Transflective 240×320 4.0×3.0 RGB Contact
2.2″ TF-2.2-176 Transflective 176×220 4.0×5.4 RGB/MCU Contact
3″ TF-3.0-240 Transflective 240×400 4.5×7.7 RGB/MCU Contact
3.5″ TF-3.5-240 Transflective 240×320 5.7×7.9 RGB/MCU Contact
3.97″ TF-3.97-272 Transflective 272×480 5.0×8.9 RGB Contact
3.5″ SL-3.5 / SL-3.5M 1500 nits 320×240/800×600 7.0×5.2 AV+VGA Download
4.3″ SL-4.3 / SL-4.3M 1500 nits 480×272/800×480 95×53 AV+VGA Download
5.7″ SL-5.7 / SL-5.7M 1500 nits 640×480 112×84 AV+VGA Download
6.5″ SL-6.5 / SL-6.5M 1500 nits 640×480/800×480 143×76 AV+VGA Download
7″ SL-7.0 / SL-7.0M 1500 nits 800×480/1024×600 154×85 AV+VGA/HDMI Download
8″ SL-8.0 / SL-8.0M 1500 nits 800×600 176×99 AV+VGA/HDMI Download
8.4″ SL-8.4 / SL-8.4M 1500 nits 800×600 172×130 AV+VGA/HDMI Download
10.1″ SL-10.1 / SL-10.1M 1500 nits 1280×800 216×127 AV+VGA/HDMI Download
10.4″ SL-10.4 / SL-10.4M 1500 nits 1024×768 214×158 AV+VGA/HDMI Download
12.1″ SL-12 / SL-12M 1500 nits 1024×768/1280×800 246×185 AV+VGA/HDMI Download
15″ SL-15.4 / SL-15.4M 1500 nits 1024×768 304×228 AV+VGA/HDMI Download
17″ SL-17 / SL-17M 1500 nits 1280×1024 337×270 AV+VGA/HDMI Download
19″ SL-19 / SL-19M 1500 nits 1280×1024/1366×768 376×301 AV+VGA/HDMI Download
22″ SL-22 / SL-22M 1500 nits 1920×1080 476×268 AV+VGA/HDMI Download
24″ SL-24 / SL-24M 1500 nits 1920×1080 521×293 AV+VGA/HDMI Download
27″ SL-27 / SL-27M 1500 nits 1920×1080 597×336 VGA+HDMI+DVI Download
32″ SL-32 / SL-32M 1500 nits 1920×1080 698×392 VGA+HDMI+DVI Download
43″ SL-43 / SL-43M 2500 nits 1920×1080 941×529 VGA+HDMI+DVI Download
55″ SL-55 / SL-55M 2500 nits 3840×2160 1152×648 VGA+HDMI+DVI Download
65″ SL-65 / SL-65M 2500 nits 3840×2160 1428×803 VGA+HDMI+DVI Download
75″ SL-75 / SL-75M 2500 nits 3840×2160 1652×930 VGA+HDMI+DVI Download
86″ SL-86 / SL-86M 2500 nits 3840×2160 1895×1065 VGA+HDMI+DVI Download
98″ SL-98 / SL-98M 2500 nits 3840×2160 2158×1214 VGA+HDMI+DVI Download

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  • High Brightness Transformed into a human-computer interface which is made of high brightness LED backlit at least 1500nits, which is clear outdoor visibility.
  • Multi-functions Customized LCD monitor with AD board, sunlight readable optical bonding and AR enhancements, rugged light weight steel or aluminum chassis, high shock & vibration resistance, long life, low power consumption LED back light, wide operating temperature
  • Advantages High quality but cheaper than litemax & DynaScan sunlight readable display and outdoor digital signage in the industry.

Sunlight Readable Display

  • The sunlight readable LCD has three integrated applications involving video elements, high bright and low power consumption.
  • It is better performance and bold colors in other high ambient light conditions as well.  Which will ensure that the clear video or images can be obtained even in bright sunlight.
  • We deploy high brightness monitor in a wide range of industries. For example, military, law enforcement, Amusement parks, stadiums, public transportation, construction and heavy equipment. In addition, pipeline inspections, kiosks, marine, oil and gas, drones, and security applications.
  • We also provide the best custom make weather-resistant monitor solution for your specific needs.

The sunlight readable LCD is specially manufactured for operation in bright environments, even under direct sunlight. They are well suited for a variety of applications, including bus/train stations, airports and retail store windows.

Outdoor LCD Display & Outdoor Digital Signage

SUNUL develop a lot of high brightness monitor for the most demanding OEM customers. Each monitor is super bright while remaining cool, and each meets the additional key criteria of reliability and usability for outdoor applications. Equipped with a commercial grade panel, the service life is 50,000 hours, and the use of high quality components ensures that the outdoor digital signage display can be used continuously all day.

When using an outward facing screen, brightness is the most important.

These display used the commercial grade high bright LCD over 6000nits. Then, they are more than 10 times brighter than standard monitor. First, the internal cooling system allows continuous use of the windshield in windows facing outwards. Second, the over heating protection board keeps the panel and other internal components at the best operating temperature. Third, it is waterproof and ensure a long and reliable monitor life.

Ideal for outdoor advertising commercial applications

It provides a good solution for applications in high bright environments. The high bright outdoor display is equipped with a built-in android media player, which is allowing you to update it with a USB memory stick. After you load the pictures and videos into the USB memory stick, and then plug them into the monitor USB port, which will copy the files to the built-in flash memory automatically. Once you remove the memory stick, the screen will start to continuously loop pictures and videos.

Commercial grade high bright LCD display

For all weather outdoor applications

The high brightness monitor can be used as a wall mounted outdoor screen from 15" to 98" include the independent advertising functions. Which is built-in the WiFi/LAN player board, you can remotely update content and schedule time. Our high brightness displays are designed for effective outdoor use, so you can ensure that your advertisements, brand messages or messages are not only displayed, but also displayed effectively, making it an ideal choice for weatherproof applications. With a fully protected IP65 waterproof enclosure, you can have confidence in the reliability and lifespan of this screen. It provide an ideal solution for outdoor applications that require brighter displays than usually expected, such as attracting attention to special offers, outdoor kiosks, outdoor advertising and digital information systems. Equipped with optional wall mounts and branding; including colored fascia strips, custom graphics and logos. The advantages of this screen are manifold, weatherproof, dust-proof, shockproof and waterproof, the protection level reaches IP68.

10 Years of Top Experience

As a high bright LCD digital signage manufacturer, SUNUL technology has more than 10 years of experience in independent outdoor display business and it is sold in more than 60 countries.

The sunlight readable displays are designed for 24/7 use, which is providing high contrast, excellent color reproduction, and a back light >2000 nits. It is also compatible interactive touch screen, which supports waterproof touch functions to provide your audience with a series of new and engaging outdoor applications.

outdoor lcd display
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