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Circular LCD Display

Round LCD Display

Use a cool circular LCD in your next project! Many of our customers request custom "specially shaped displays". So to add to our square and round LCD displays.

To this end, we customize a range of unique aspect ratios and special shapes. SUNUL also offers replacements for large circular displays as well as for high-brightness bar LCD as well as for transflective displays, all Chinese manufacturers and whoever you use. Choosing a circular display can really set you apart from the competition. From 1" to 8" tfts and oleds, we have something for every application.

This cool circular display has a resolution of 240×240 to 720×720 and offers a crisp and colorful interface. IPS LCD uses spi and mipi interfaces, which is convenient for you to develop various controller boards, such as raspberry pi, various watch displays, digital signage, etc. Our circular monitors are all IPS wide viewing angle monitors, and we can also provide custom hdmi and usb input as well as pcap touch technology for an interactive experience. SUNUL round LCD products feature 700 nits of brightness and high contrast to provide the highest quality picture images. Not only that, we can also support small size circular displays for industrial and automotive projects. The circular TFT range starts at 1.28 inches and goes up to a staggering 10 inches. Circular LCD display products include various resolutions including 240 x 240, 480 x 480, 800 x 800 and the options are very wide! If brightness is of the essence, the range is available in a variety of backlit levels, including 600cd to 1500cd for outdoor environments. In addition to this, an interactive touch screen option is available, featuring the latest pcap touch technology.

If you can not find the right round LCD displays, we also can custom made it for you too. As a LCD factory, we can produce qualified LCD prices are competitive in the market.

Size Model Resolution Active Area Brightness Chipset Type Interface Datasheet
1.3″ NR-1.3-240 240×240 32.4×32.4 500 ST7789 IPS RGB Contact
1.3″ NR-1.3-320 320×320 33.12×33.12 500 ST7796S IPS MIPI Contact
2.1″ NR-2.1-480 480×480 53.28×53.28 500 ST7701S IPS MIPI/RGB Contact
2.8″ NR-2.8-480 480×480 72.5×72.5 500 ST7701S IPS MIPI/RGB Contact
3.4″ NR-3.4-720 800×800 94.5×94.5 500 NV3051F IPS MIPI Contact
4″ NR-4-720 720×720 101.5×101.5 500 NV3051F IPS MIPI Contact

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  • Superior functionality – Our circular monitors range in size from 1″ to 8″ and are a great solution to bring a modern touch to your product designs. In situations where environmental challenges such as sunlight, extreme temperatures, water or steam can be an issue, to further enhance the display, we offer a number of design services including: Optical bonding for better visuals and robustness.
  • Rotary function –  Rotary selection is perfect for intuitive adjustments such as temperature control, volume, motor speed, timer, lighting, dimming and ambience settings.
  • Any customization – We can customize the size according to your application, and various chips and interfaces such as spi, mcu or mipi, and can also customize the touch screen
  • Circular displays offer the opportunity to capture the attention of customers in a range of applications. The modules are equipped with rotary switches for quick and easy function selection. Starting with 1.2″ LCD modules, you can choose from passive or active matrix circular LCD and OLEDs.
  • Its ultra-thin profile, stunning color clarity and high-contrast look when closed make it ideal for home appliances and watch displays.
  • Not only do we strive to design best-in-class circular display solutions for your products, but we also hope to provide solutions for hardware control boards that ensure your displays work flawlessly in your application.

In addition to excellent performance, round LCD display is not very expensive. We can supply monitors with or without touchscreens, and if certain monitor sizes and features in our standard range don’t fit, we can also offer you a custom service to help you turn your concept into reality. Just contact us to discuss your project and we can guide you through your options.

With consumer choice increasing and various electronic products needing to stand out from the crowd, what better way to do this than to switch to circular displays. From small size LCD screens to ultra-thin OLED displays, we can optimize to fit your application, including overlay lens designs, touch and backlit enhancements.

Circular Display Applications

It is now possible to replace the mechanical display in a watch or instrument cluster with a circular tft display and it is very convenient. Available in a variety of sizes, these stunning but sturdy displays can withstand extreme temperatures, water and salt spray, and offer excellent readability in harsh sunlight. Our lcd and oled circular displays, ideal for replacing mechanical gauges in instrument clusters.

As consumer choice increases and home appliances need to stand out from the crowd, you can also use circular displays. We can optimize our displays to fit your application, including overlay lens designs, touch and backlight enhancements.

IoT products are also very suitable. It needs to use various circular LCD screens, which not only need to be powerful, but also beautiful. Our monitors feature oled and tft technology and can be optimized to fit any application requirement. Available in a variety of sizes, we can withstand extreme temperatures, water and salt spray, and provide excellent readability in strong sunlight.

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