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TFT LCD Display

Custom LCD Display

SUNUL focus on custom LCD display with the industrial and automotive display solutions. It is the cheap price, experienced staff ,good product performance TFT LCD display manufacturer.

We specialize in creating unique LCD and touch solutions for OEM in many different industries. Manufacturer for graphic LCD, character LCD, custom LCD, TFT LCD module, including tn, stn, fstn, OLED. Our TFT LCD technologies include extreme temperature functionality, sunlight readability, wide viewing angles, wide color gamut, high contrast, and more.

TFT LCD display is a liquid crystal display module using thin film transistor technology, which has richer RGB colors, detailed images and bright graphics than ordinary LCD screens. We provide the most cost-effective LCD display screen and different types of LCD and OLED. If You are looking for high-quality and durable custom LCD display modules, please contact us to recommend the most suitable products according to your industrial and application requirements. Many of our LCD modules improve a variety of optional interfaces, including RGB, TTL , MCU, LVDS, MIPI, DSI. These TFT modules are suitable for various applications such as industrial, medical, and consumer applications, GPS navigators, home appliances, energy control, telecommunications equipment, and more.

If you can not find the right size TFT LCD display, we also can custom made it for you too.  As a LCD factory, we can produce qualified LCD prices are competitive in the market.

Size Model Resolution Active Area Brightness Chipset Type Interface Datasheet
2.4″ N-2.4-240 240×320 36.72×48.96 250 ILI9341V IPS SPI Contact
2.8″ N-2.8-240 240×320 43.2×57.6 250 ILI9341V TN SPI/RGB Contact
2.83″ N-2.83-480 480×640 43.2×57.6 250 ST7701S IPS MIPI Contact
3.0″ N-3-480 480×854 40.6×69.3 250 ST7701S IPS MIPI Contact
N-3-240 240×400 45.14×77.05 250 ST7793 IPS RGB Contact
3.5″ N-3.5-320 320×480 48.96×73.44 250 ILI9488 TN/IPS SPI/MCU Contact
N-3.5-320B 320×240 70.08×52.56 250 HX8238D TN RGB Contact
N-3.5-640 640×480 70.08×52.56 250 ST7703 IPS RGB Contact
4″ N-4-480 480×480 71.86×70.18 250 ST7701S IPS RGB Contact
3.97″ N-3.97-480 480×800 51.84×86.4 250 ILI9806E IPS MIPI Contact
4.3″ N-4.3-480 480×272 95.04×53.85 250 ILI6485 TN RGB Contact
N-4.3-480B 480×800 56.160×93.6 250 ST7701S IPS RGB+SPI Contact
N-4.3-800 800×480 95.04×53.85 250 ST7262E43 IPS LVDS/RGB Contact
5″ N-5-480 480×272 108×64.8 250 ILI6480B TN RGB Contact
N-5-800 800×480 108×64.8 250 ST7262 IPS LVDS/RGB Contact
N-5-480B 480×854 61.6×109.6 250 ST7701S IPS RGB+SPI Contact
N-5-720 720×1280 62.1×110.4 250 ILI9881D IPS RGB+SPI Contact
6″ N-6-720 720×1440 67.3×134.78 250 ILI9881C IPS MIPI Contact
N-6-1080 1080×1920 74.52×132.48 250 NT35532 IPS MIPI Contact
7″ N-7-800 800×480 154.08×85.92 250 EK73002 TN RGB Contact
N-7-800B 800×480 152.4×91.44 250 HX8262 TN RGB Contact
N-7-1024 1024×600 154.2144×85.92 250 EK79007 TN/IPS LVDS/RGB Contact
N-7-600 600×1024 154.2144×85.93 250 OTA7290B IPS MIPI Contact
N-7-800C 800×1280 94.2×150.72 250 ILI9881C IPS MIPI Contact
N-7-1200 1200×1920 94.5×151.2 250 HX8279 IPS MIPI Contact
8″ N-8-800 800×480 176.64×99.36 250 ILI5960 TN RGB Contact
N-8-800B 800×600 162×121.5 250 NT39212 TN RGB Contact
N-8-1024 1024×600 176.64×99.36 250 HX8282 IPS LVDS/RGB Contact
N-8-800B 800×1280 107.64×172.22 250 ILI9881C IPS MIPI Contact
N-8-1024B 1024×768 162.05×121.54 250 NT51008 IPS LVDS Contact
N-8-1280 1280×800 172.22×107.64 250 NT51008 IPS LVDS Contact
9″ N-9-800 800×480 198×111.696 250 ILI5960 TN RGB Contact
N-9-1024 1024×600 196.608×114.15 250 EK79007 IPS LVDS/RGB Contact
9.7″ N-9.7-1024 1024×768 196.61×147.46 250 NT51008 IPS LVDS Contact
10.1″ N-10.1-1024 1024×600 222.72×125.28 250 HX8282 IPS LVDS/RGB Contact
N-10.1-1280 1280×800 216.96×135.6 250 EK79209B IPS LVDS Contact
N-10.1-1920 1920×1200 216.81×135.5 250 HX8290B IPS LVDS/EDP Contact
N-10.1-800 800×1280 135.36×216.57 250 ILI9881C IPS MIPI/LVDS Contact
N-10.1-1200 1200×1920 135.36×216.57 250 HX8279D IPS MIPI Contact
10.2″ N-10.2-800 800×480 222×132.48 250 HX8280D TN LVDS Contact
10.4″ N-10.4-1024 1024×768 211.2×158.4 250 HX8281D IPS LVDS Contact
11.6″ N-11.6-1366 1366×768 256.32×144.18 250 ILI9881C IPS EDP/LVDS Contact
N-11.6-1920 1920×1080 256.32×144.18 250 HX8281D IPS EDP Contact
12.1″ N-12.1-1024 1024×768 245.76×184.32 250 HX8282D IPS LVDS Contact
13.3″ N-13.3-1920 1920×1080 293.76×156.24 250 HX8283D IPS EDP Contact
15″ N-15-1024 1024×768 304.1×228.1 250 HX8284D IPS LVDS Contact
15.6″ N-15.6-1920 1920×1080 344.16×193.59 250 HX8285D IPS EDP/LVDS Contact

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  • About SunulSunul as a TFT LCD display manufacturer, was established in 2013. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of TFT LCD screens and displays.
  • Specialized Field As one of the top and professional TFT and LCD display suppliers, we can provide various sizes, shapes and types of displays, specializing in the production of various TFT LCD panels, including general TFT LCD displays
  • AdvantagesOur products are widely used in mobile phones, communication terminals, medical equipment, instrumentation and other industries. We can offer the various LCD modules, including COB type and COG type modules, and the capacity greater than 200k pre month.

  • We have different standard LCD display types and provide 1.2″~15″ inch LCDdisplay & custom LCD display service, with high quality and reasonable price.
  • Our mission is to provide customers with  high quality small size LCD displays and one stop solutions. Establish a joyful and sustainable platform for our employees.
  • We have our own TFT LCD panel cutting and etching factories, backlit factory, touch screen and optical bonding factory.
  • Since we have long term of producing small TFT LCD displays and build a close business relationship with LCD source manufacturer.

We attach great importance to the international market. At present, 60% of the our products have been exported to Southeast Asia, the United States, Europe, the United Kingdom, Germany,  and other countries. Customers from all over the world are welcome to visit us and cooperate with us for a long-term and reliable.

Custom TFT LCD Module

Most of these displays can be customized to meet your needs. The following is a brief introduction to each type of LCD. Exclusive OEM for cut LCD solutions, design and manufacturing of standard, semi-custom and full resize LCD modules, original equipment manufacturers have unique requirements to meet their product specifications. We are able to work directly with selected customers to provide custom LCD product solutions.

SUNUL offers a variety of Bar LCD & Custom LCD Display technologies.

We provide customers with customized LCD modules ranging from automotive, medical and test equipment to industrial applications. Whether your design requires a small LCD display, or a fully customized LCD module, our experienced technical customer support can help you design your customized display.

The process starts with you providing your size and fragment content/artwork. Our team will work with you to provide the most practical design suggestions for your project. This includes the need for low power resize LCD displays and high-brightness displays, as well as special resolutions. Custom LCD modules are our standard business practice. From a very simple modification of an existing display to the completion of the design of a new product, we welcome your request.

Commercial grade TFT LCD display

Custom small size LCD screen

The custom LCD display can fit into particularly limited spaces, and high-definition content are often perfectly presented on their narrow, ultra-wide surface. The advanced panel cutting technology allows custom backlit with high brightness. As a result, which support various industrial applications in outdoor or semi-outdoor scenarios. Compared with the normal LCD display, the custom LCD screen is more brighter, more vivid and stunning images. Also the LED backlit and power-saving following the trend for environmentally friendly and power saving products, low operating temperatures of under 20°c. Surprisingly, it still offers long-time operation up to 50, 000 hours performance and energy saving applications.

10 Years of Top Experience

We have over 80% of products customized by our big R&D team. For now, we concentrate on updating our small TFT LCD display types, mainly for higher level applications such as smart home, medical, industrial and car industrial applications.

SUNUL provides a TFT LCD display module and integrated touch LCD screen, as well as an resistive touch and capacitive touch. And our IPS LCD display price is competitive in the market.

TFT LCD Display
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