2.4″ high brightness LCD

2.4 inch sunlight readable LCD

2.4″ high brightness LCD

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2.4″,320X240,800~1500nits,high bright, SL-2.4 use our own high bright LED backlit, therefore achieving superior optical kit features, excellent heat dissipation and high reliability.

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SL-2.4 is a 2.4 inch sunlight readable LCD KIT that includes the 2.4″ high brightness LCD panel, A/D board, LED back lighting board,wires. When the output power reaches 2W, the brightness of LCD panel can achieve maximum 800nits (5 times of other standard products’). Through adjustment of LED constant current controller circuit, the brightness of screen can be reduced to 5cd/m2 . With its wide viewing angle and real color kit, the resolution can achieve 320×240 enabling this monitor to show clear pictures under strong sunlight or in total darkness.

Due to its high brightness and broad temperature adaptability, stable, clear and vivid kit can be seen under strong sunlight and extreme temperatures. The brightness of LED backlit of Sl-2.4 is the brightest compared with similar products. It is also one of our high-tech products that is superior in the market.

SL-2.4 can be widely used in industrial control equipment and all other indoor-outdoor application.
A/D board(AV,VGA,DVI,HDMI),Waterproof ip65,touch screen,media play, auto brightness control,light sensor, manual brightness control functions for optional.

2.4″ high brightness LCD specification

Model SL-2.4
Touch Panel optional
Screen Size 2.4″
Resolution 320X240
Brightness 800 nits (Custom make for 1500nits)
Contrast 400:01:00
Back lighting LED
Operation Temperature -20°C~70°C
Dimensions (H/V/D in mm) 37x50x3.5cm
backlit power consumption 0.6W
Weight (g) 20


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