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Resizing LCD | Stretched Bar LCD

SUNUL offer the custom lcd panel, customized cutting panel, ultra wide stretched LCD display cutting Bar LCD products from 6" to 65" for indoor/outdoor application. With specific ratios, high resolution, high brightness, sunlight readable, it used for digital signage, public transportation,vending machine and industrial applications. To resize the stretched LCD is literally to cut the LCD glass, polarizers, circuits and circuit boards to a new size. SUNUL have the resize lcd technology and we can supply the customized solution for any bar LCD requirements.  Compare Litemax Spanpixel,SSF,SSH,SSD. We supply the customized resizing panel with Ad board,double side and chassis LCD monitors.

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Below is the popular size resizing LCDs, can not find the ideal size? Please contact us for custom LCDs.

Module Size Resolution Active Area(mm) Dimension(mm)   Module Size Resolution Active Area(mm) Dimension(mm)
SR6-480 6.86 480x1280 60x160 66x180x5   SR27-70 27.5 1366x70 697 x 35 725x1704x45
SR7-400 7.84 400x1280 59x190 67x205x5   SR28-256 28 1366x256 698x131 726x164x45
SR8-480 8 1600x480 194x58 208x73x5   SR28-326 28.4 1366x326 698x173 725x203x45
SR8-480 8.8 1280x480 209x78 229x97x5   SR28-540 28.5 1920x540 698x196 722x225x25
SR9-320 9.2 1280x320 226x56 243x69x5   SR29-640 29 1920x640 698x234 722x260x45
SR13-256 13.8" 1366x256 344x64 354x74x5   SR29-770 29.6 1920x770 698x280 731x316x45
SR13-384 13.9" 1366x384 344x96 354x106x5   SR37-360 37.2 1920x360 930x179 965x218x35
SR16-256 16.5" 1366x256 413x78 430x98x20   SR38-540 38.5 1920x540 930x265 965x298x35
SR16-384 16.9" 1366x384 413x117 430x137x20   SR41-910 41 1920x910 930x440 965x486x35
SR18-180 18.8 1920x180 476x44 500x73x35   SR40-360 40.7 1920x360 1018x190 1048x221x45
SR19-360 19.1 1920x360 476x88 500x110x35   SR43-900 43.9 1920x900 1018x476 1048x507x45
SR21-760 21.5 1920x760 509x202 543x235x35   SR48-300 48.1 1920x300 1210x185 1231x211x45
SR21-540 21.7 1920x540 531x149 565x284x35   SR48-360 48.4 1920x360 1210x226 1231x252x45
SR23-360 23.2 1920x360 580x109 613x141x35   SR59-600 59 1920x600 1431x443 1472x484x45
SR26-730 26.8 1920x730 598x226 623x254x35