19.2“ Shelf Edge Display

19.2 inch Shelf Edge LCD Display

19.2“ Shelf Edge Display

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19.2“ Shelf Edge Display, 1920×200, 476×50 mm, VGA/HDMI/Android/WIFI, edge digital shelf display manufacturer, digital signage

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19.2″ Shelf edge display is that the small bar display typically from 11 to 65 inch which are used for advertising, product information and merchandise presentation at shelf edge. The display has the built-in media player are economical choices for catching attention at point of sale, and it can turn your shop into a contemporary retail business to reinforce customers shopping experience. it’s been successfully and commonly utilized in supermarket, retail shops and grocery stores, brand chain stores including pharmacy for immersive advertising and makes creating.

19.2“ Shelf Edge Display

Size Model Resolution Active Size Dimension Housing Inputs Datasheet
19.2″ SR21.5-200 1920×200 476×50 503x77x15 / VGA+HDMI PDF
SR21.5-200MA 1920×200 476×50 503x77x30 Metal Housing VGA+HDMI
SR21.5-200MB 1920×200 476×50 503x77x30 Metal Housing Android

Options: A/D board(AV,VGA,DVI,HDMI), Waterproof ip65, outdoor housing, anti-reflective screen, touch screen, media play, auto brightness control, light sensor, manual brightness control functions for optional.

Application: Replacing messy paper labels with digital shelf displays keeps shelves clean and tidy,digital shelf displays show more product types, models and advantages, neat digital content can get customers’ attention and improve conversion rate, franchised store display make stores and products look more advanced and attractive, one stretched screen can gracefully display information and costs for multiple products, digital content are often updated via network to save lots of labor and material costs,showing video ads on the screen may be a simpler thanks to stimulate buying desire.

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