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Graphic LCD Module, Graphic LCD Display

SUNUL is a professional Graphic LCD Industrial LCM Design & Manufacturer, one of Toshiba, Emerson, GE LCD supplier. SUNUL's graphic LCD displays are available in dot matrix format of graphic graphic LCD products. Sizes available include 122x32, 128x64, 144x32, 160x32, SUNUL graphic lcd module display supply small to medium scale resolution with price,interface,datasheet,pinout,accessories are available from manufacturer. Graphic Display Modules are in the range of COB/COG/TAB structure, such as the lcd display module 128x64 dots graphic blue color backlight,1pcs x 5v lcd display module 128x64 dots graphic matrix lcd 12864 blue backlight , this unit is a very clear stn type lcd with a simple command interface. SUNUL graphic lcd module supplier with the smart lcd,standard parts, custom made, design semi, optional touch display.

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Graphic LCD Module  Download Catalogue Now!

Format Model Name Viewing Area LCD Dimenison Dot Size Controller IC Backlight Type Datasheet
80x16 G0801A0 65x17.2 85x30x13.4 0.7x0.75 HT1650 LED STN PDF
96x40 G0904A2 40x23 45x36.2x1.98 0.352x0.441 ST7549Ti-G2 None STN PDF
96x64 G0906A1 25x15.3 28x22.3x1.8 0.22x0.20 ST7549 None FSTN PDF
100x64 G1006A3 40.6x26 43.2x36x2.8 0.34x0.325 UC1601 None STN PDF
128x32 G1203A5 59x17.5 64.4x28.9x5.7 0.407x0.424 ST7565R LED STN PDF
122x32 G1203A8 60x18 84x44x13.8 0.4x0.45 SBN1661G-M18 LED STN PDF
122x32 G1203A9 60.5x18.5 80x36x13.6 0.4x0.45 SBN1661G-M02 LED STN PDF
128x32 G1203D6 76x23 82x34x2.85 0.53x0.53 UC1601S None FSTN PDF
128x32 G1203E0 41x15 46.6x26.6x5 0.285x0.38 ST7567 LED FSTN PDF
128x64 G1206B4 60x32.6 80.5x45x5.3 0.4x0.4 NT7538 LED STN PDF
128x64 G1206B5 70.7x38.8 93x70x13.0 0.48x0.48 SBN6400G & SBN0064G LED STN PDF
128x64 G1206B7 60x32.6 75x52.7x8.5 0.4x0.4 SBN6400G & SBN0064G LED STN PDF
128x64 G1206D3 50.6x31 54.6x42.2x2 0.334x0.403 UC1601 None STN PDF
128x64 G1206E0 50x33 69.2x44.6x6 0.33x0.37 ST7565R LED STN PDF
128x64 G1206F4 72.5x39 93.8x52.4x5.5 0.48x0.48 SPLC502B LED FSTN PDF
128x64 G1206G2 59x36.5 87x53.55x7.6 0.4x0.436 ST7565R LED FSTN PDF
128x64 G1206J7 70x40 77.4x52.4x6.5 0.48x0.48 ST7565R LED FSTN PDF
128x64 G1206J9 50x25 58.2x41.7x5.7 0.33x0.33 ST7565R LED FSTN PDF
128x64 G1206K4 63x45 66x53x2.8 0.39x0.55 ST7565R None STN PDF
128x64 G1206N3 59x28 67x41x4.5 0.41x0.37 ST7565R LED STN PDF
128x64 G1206O2 60x32.6 75x52.7x8.5 0.4x0.4 RA8808 LED STN PDF
128x64 G1206P9 73.6x37 78.5x48.2x2.85 0.48x0.48 ST7565P None STN PDF
128x128 G1212A7 69x69 86x95x12 0.46x0.46 T6963C & SDN8080G LED STN PDF
128x128 G1212B2 60x58.4 69.5x73.2x7.45 0.4x0.4 NT7508 LED STN PDF
132x64 G1306A0 54x30.2 74x42.6x6.5 0.34x0.38 SPLC501C LED FSTN PDF
160x44 G1604A0 80x21 85x32x4.5 0.38x0.44 ST7528 LED FSTN PDF
192x32 G1903A0 85x18.6 116x37x13.9 0.38x0.46 ST7920&ST7921 LED STN PDF
192x64 G1906A0 104x39 130x65x12.8 0.458x0.458 SBN6400G & SBN0064G LED STN PDF
192x64 G1906A5 84x31 100x60x13 0.36x0.36 SBN6400G & SBN0064G LED STN PDF
192x64 G1906A7 104x39 130x65x13.5 0.458x0.458 SBN6400G & SBN0064G LED STN PDF
240x64 G2406A6 133x39 180x65x17.5 0.49x0.49 LC7981-Q & SDN8080G LED STN PDF
240x64 G2406B0 111x37 125x60x13 0.41x0.47 T6963C/SDN8080G None STN PDF
240x64 G2406B1 111x37 126.2x55.1x5.8 0.41x0.47 UC1608 LED STN PDF
240x64 G2406C4 111x34 135.6x51.2x10.9 0.4x0.4 RA6963 & RA0086 LED FSTN PDF
240x80 G2408A0 117x42 128x57x10 0.45x0.45 T6963C/SDN8080G LED STN PDF
240x96 G2409A0 100x35 107x46.8x13 0.38x0.32 UC1608XGBE LED STN PDF
240x128 G2412A6 114x64 144x104x15 0.40x0.40 T6963C & SDN8080G LED STN PDF

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