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Compare litemax resize stretched LCD

Comparing the cutting screens of sunul and litemax stretched LCD, the quality of our products is almost the same.

Comparing the cutting screens of sunul and litemax, the quality of our products is almost the same, and the materials are also similar, but our prices are cheaper. You are welcome to purchase samples and compare. Spanpixel resizing lcds ssf resizing LCD panels ssh resizing LCD panels with ad boards ssd chassis LCD monitors scd ssc double side resizing lcds durapixel sunlight readable lcds navpixel marine computing spanpixel, resizing lcds to resize a LCD is literally to chop the glass, polarizers, circuits and circuit boards to a replacement size. SUNUL had been thought impossible to preserve the first performance of a previously manufactured LCD once the glass circuits are cut. sunul has done the impossible, over and once again, becoming the world’s leading pioneer and leader in LCD resizing solutions.

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Cut LCD display developed

Cutting LCD manufacturers offer variety of resized displays like a 1/2 size panel resized from a 42″ lcd, and a 1/3 size panel resized from 32″ panel.

By performing series of complicated panel cutting processes, resized displays retain their original panel specifications, functions and performance, yet open up a replacement range of application possibilities. Their ultra-wide ‘letterbox’ shape is a perfect fit public signage applications in narrow, limited spaces.

SUNUL is proud to supply this technology which provides customers with an entire new choice o resized signage displays and exposes new avenues of opportunity. Panel resizing technology requires specific amount of disassembly re-assembly. The most critical step within the whole processes to chop the LCD glass and seal the LCD cell edges simultaneously. This tricky process requires complex and professional sealing technique. The LCD sealing process must happen during a vacuum environment to avoid air stepping into the liquid module, which can end in liquid leakage1. The resized cutting LCD display preserves the tape automated bonding(tab) chips on rock bottom side after the 1/2 size vertical cut, and since the remaining tabs dictate the remaining number of active lines available for a picture , so cutting LCD are often hamper to any horizontal size without impacting of its horizontal 1920 pixel resolution. However, because this cuts into the vertical area of the display, the vertical resolution is reduced by half.

Resizing LCD technology

Resize LCD display an innovative medium for targeted information, entertainment, promotions and advertising, delivered in visually rich multimedia formats designed to draw in consumers.

Since resizing LCD so ubiquitous lately , people not ask what it’s because resizing LCD has matured into a totally developed, versatile product that has adapted to several different applications and environments. Applications are constantly diversifying and that we are now seeing semi-transparent resizing LCD displays(with products inside), large-format multi-touch displays, video walls, and tiles(smaller displays which will be configured in new ways), and interactive resizing LCD that aims to offer consumers a more fun, educational and enhanced customer experience that helps drive sales. Resizing LCD displays now are available unusual shapes or configurations but 65″ and above are the foremost common sizes.

However, large-sized resizing LCD displays with conventional aspect ratios have limitations—in locations where they’re restricted tall or physical space, like on elevators, buses, or within the transportation and medical markets. Led signage seem to be an honest fit these quite space limited applications; however, ageless usually heavy, power consuming, and display low-resolution images.

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