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Character LCD Module Manufacturer

Character LCD module display formats are available from 8x2 through to 40x4. We have full range of character LCM, and let's see character LCD display module, COG type (Chip On Glass), white background color and black characters. Those cheap Character LCD and LCM modules can be used on industrial and consumer's products. Character LCM screen is a common display device, we provide 16×2, 8×2, 20×4 with Yellow / Blue black light LCD. Buy it from the best electronics supplier of Browse inventory of Mono Character LCM LCD, OLED Character and Numeric. LCM Specification for example, Character LCM format 8x1 8x2 12x2 16x1 16x2 20x2 20x4 40x2....

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Character LCD Display Module  Download Catalogue Now!

Resolution Model Name Viewing Area LCD Dimension Dot Size Controller IC Back Light Type Datasheet
8x2 C0802A0 38x16 58x32x13.3 2.96x5.56 SPLC780D1/equivalence LED STN PDF
8x2 C0802A4 31x14.5 40x29.7x12.7 2.7x4.35 SPLC780D1/equivalence LED STN PDF
12x2 C1202A0 46.7x17.5 55.7x32x9.7 2.65x5.5 SPLC780D1/equivalence None STN PDF
16x1 C1601A4 99x13 122x32x11 4.84x8.06 SPLC780D-01 LED STN PDF
16x1 C1601A5 79.8x20x2.8 76.8x11 0.74x0.978 ST7032i None STN PDF
16x2 C1602D5 50x16 54x26x2.85 2.45x4.75 ST7032i None STN PDF
16x2 C1602C6 64x16 80x36x9.8 2.96x5.56 SPLC780D1+SPLC100B1 LED STN PDF
16x2 C1602C4 52x15 60x36x12.5 2.45x3.95 SPLC780D-01 LED STN PDF
16x2 C1602A5 65x17.2 85x30x13.8 2.95x4.35 SPLC780D1+SPLC100B1 LED STN PDF
16x2 C1602A4 99x25 122x44x13.3 4.84x9.66 SPLC780D1+SPLC100B1 LED STN PDF
16x2 C1602A3 62x18 84x44x13.5 2.95x5.55 AIP31066+AIP31065/equivalence LED STN PDF
16x2 C1602A1 64x16 80x36x10.7 2.96x5.56 AIP31066+AIP31065/equivalence LED STN PDF
16x4 C1604A9 61.8x25.2 87x60x14.5 2.96x4.76 SPLC780D1+SPLC063B1 LED STN PDF
20x2 C2002A4 85x19.8 116x41.4x11.7 3.20x5.55 S6A0069+S6A0063 LED STN PDF
20x2 C2002B7 85x18.6 116x37x9.5 3.2x5.55 ST7066+ST7063 LED STN PDF
20x2 C2002B2 70x23 76x36x1.7 2.7x5.15 ST7036i None STN PDF
20x2 C2002A8 61x15.1 74.5x25x6.2 2.45x5.55 NT7605H-BDT01 LED STN PDF
20x2 C2002A5 85x19.8 116x37x14 3.20x5.55 SPLC780D1+SPLC063B1 LED STN PDF
20x4 C2004A2 77x26.5 98x60x14 2.95x4.75 SPLC780D1 LED STN PDF
20x4 C2004A1 123.5x43 146x62.5x13.6 4.84x9.22 SPLC780D1+SPLC063B1 LED STN PDF
20x4 C2004A0 60x22.2 77x47x14.2 2.30x4.03 ST7066+ST7063 LED STN PDF
24x2 C2402A0 94.4x18.2 118x36x13.5 3.20x6.35 AIP31066+AIP31065/equivalence LED STN PDF
40x2 C4002A1 154.3x15.8 182x33.5x13.8 3.20x5.55 SPLC780D1xSPLC063Ax2 LED STN PDF
40x4 C4004A5 149x30 190x54x14 2.78x4.89 SPLC780D1+SPLC063B1 LED STN PDF

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