What is Auto Brightness & Light sensor Technology for LCD?

Fraxel Treatments employed for Public display,Outside Kiosks,Outside liquid crystal display.Every step features its own illuminate range according different atmosphere illumination.  Fraxel treatments makes using visual application more friendly and smartly.

Standard light sensor design has five-steps brightness configurations, Least heavy, Lighter, Normal, Dark, and Pitch-dark.

The lighter sensor measures the outdoors brightness based on different conditions and transmits the data to show. Display will adjust the brightness instantly.

With lighter condition (Outside/Sun-light) the brightness increases within the opposite condition, the brightness is going to be decreased to suit more dark atmosphere.

So how exactly does fraxel treatments works?

Light sensor identify the modification of illumination outdoors, it send the signal to MCU via I?2C interface. MCU will request inverter to change the brightness when the outdoors illumination was change within the default. MCU will transmit PWM signal towards the inverter, amd the inverter can change the brightness of panel.

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