How to install outdoor high brightness TV?

DO NOT obstruct the intake & outlet fan cooling system which is located on the left underside & right underside of the Tv screen as you face it.
The Tv screen requires constant airflow with a 6” clear gap around the vents.
If there is initial condensation on the inside of your Television screen do not worry as this is a natural occurrence due to an outside cooler temperature versus the warm LCD panel. Within a short period of time the fan circulatory system will remove the condensation.
Change dust filter when necessary. Spare dust filters are included in your accessories box.We strongly recommend the SUNUL screen is NOT installed in DIRECT SUNLIGHT i.e. perpendicular to the screen. High ambient daylight light is OK form above, behind & from the sides.
Anti Reflective film available for those really high ambient light days of the year
Included in your SUNUL purchase is a Wall Bracket.

This bracket is for INDOOR USE ONLY. It is not rust proof therefore if placed in an outside environment where the weather elements have access to the bracket it may corrode & may become weaker. If you wish to install the outdoor TV then please consult you AV specialist. He will inform you of the correct outdoor bracket to use ie galvanized for outside use & may include security. Outdoor canopied installation is OK with all the supplied bracket.

The wall bracket is supplied for use in public areas that are not in contact with outdoor environments……such as shopping malls, public information areas.
Use the appropriate included Tv wall fixings & wherever possible keep the distance between bolt & screen to a minimum
Do not tilt the outdoor TV once wall mounted.
Make sure the wall that the SUNUL TV is installed on is of a substantial nature. Again your AV specialist will help you.
Make sure all cables are NOT exposed or in an area to where the public have access. Use armored trunking if in public areas & always employ a qualified electrician when connecting to electrical power externally.

Outdoor LCD products installation Position

SUNUL OUTDOOR TV uses special Dual Anti-Reflective glass panel as TV finish to reduce reflectivity for better outdoor viewing effect. Even though, strong light 20-40 times of room light directly to the screen will reduce the visibility, even impair the screen. Choosing a proper installation position will be very helpful for your daily usage.Please follow the instructions below to help you choose the right installation spot.

The best choice is to install your TV under the shadow of certain shelters like corridor, trees or terraces.
Connect all necessary connecting line and wires before you fix the TV on the wall. It will be more convenient this way.


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