SUNUL LCD Monitor Applications

Thanks for visiting SUNUL’ LCD Value-added Service Labs! You may be quite a new comer to LCD Value-added Service,or you are our old buddies. We wish to share you excellent news: SUNUL has released a brand new production line, LCD Value-added Service labs with Certificated Class 1000 Clean Room .Our vision is to develop new standards through our improvements that may create a lot more added-values for the clients. We greet you to participate us to talk about the large chance in front of us!

From custom colored cover glass and touchscreen manufacturing, to optical bonding and system integration, SUNUL is an expert within the value-added components which make your display successful.

By using display improvements along with other value-added services, SUNUL has the capacity to satisfy strict industry rules, conquer environment challenges and be sure optimal performance and reliability.

Hard covered Treatment

Additionally to the experience of creating sunlight readable Liquid crystal displays with value-added lcd enhancement , SUNUL can also be able to supplying our clients with Full Turnkey Set up solutions for example Touch Lamination, Open Frame , POS , Rugged-Liquid crystal displays, Industry or Military Monitor .

SUNUL offers both SUNLIGHT Readable Optically Bonded screens and genuine Sunlight Readable screens. Daylight Readable screens are perfect for use in brilliant conditions with circuitous or reflected splendid light. They include a defensive Anti-Reflective external glass, and Optical Bonding to dispose of interior reflections.

Daylight Readable (SUN) screens empower the client to see sharp, clear video pictures even with brilliant daylight straightforwardly on the screen. They highlight 1,000 to 2,200 nits of shine.

See our new video contrasting Sunlight Readable screens and Optically Bonded SUNLIGHT LCD screens to standard LCD screens in coordinate splendid daylight. As you will see, both the Sunlight LCD and Optically Bonded screens deliver much clearer, simple to-see pictures. This Comparison Chart will show the distinction between standard LCD screens, SUNLIGHT Readable (Optically Bonded) screens, Sunlight Readable screens and Optically Bonded Sunlight Readable screens.

If it’s not too much trouble see base of page for more specialized data.

Optical Bonded Monitor
sunlight readable lcd

SUNUL works carefully with clients whatsoever stages from the development way to meet their needs within the most cost-efficient way.

  • MI Shielding Window
    90% Light Transmittance80dB Shielding EffectivenessTouch-Screen Lamination

    Project Capacitive

    Surface Capacitive

    Resistive Touch

    Protective Cover




    LCD ARAG Treatment
    “Anti-Reflective (AR)

    Anti-Glare (AG)

    Anti-Reflective/Anti-Glare (AR/AG)

    Clear Hard coated

    Optical Enhancement

    EMI Filter

    NVIS Filter

    Transparent Heater


    Privacy Filter

    Optical Bonding
    Improve outdoor view-ability

    Improve LCD Contrast

    Improve LCD Rugged


    Control Board

    Power Board

    LVDS Cable

    Monitor Aluminum Metal Frame

    Optical Bonding
    EMI Shielding Windows

    Optical Film Lamination
    “3M BEF+DBEF

    Reflective Film

    Transflective Film

    EMI Shielding Film

    Polarizing Film

    Dual Backlight System
    NVIS Filter

    Individual Dual Backlight

    Day and Night Dual Mode

    Brightness Enhancement
    LED Backlight improvement

    Optical Bonding

    SunView Transflective Enhancement

    BEF+DBEF Optical Film

    Touch Full-Lamination

    Touch have been totally bonding onto the frond of LCD by optical adhesive ,no air gap no bubble to reduce reflection and improve clarity , contras , ruggedness.

    Value-added Integration

    Open Frame

    Industry Monitor

    Military Monitor

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