Custom LCD Module

Custom LCD Module Manufacturer from china

Custom LCD Module Manufacturer

SUNUL factory offers the finest choice of TFT LCD modules. In case you are searching for one, you are at the right place. We deliver a wide assortment of high-quality TFT LCD displays at attractive prices. Here, you will find TFT LCD monitor for every taste and budget. Browse our online catalog and choose the model that suits your needs and preferences best.

Can not find the right size lcd, please contact us for the customized function such as different resolution( resizing), brightness, temperature.

OEM ODM  TFT LCD display,sunlight readable tft,special size tft,tn tft,mva tft,ips tft and led backlight .The custom resizing stretched LCD also known as bar LCD, bar displays.  We also offers sunlight readable Bar Type ultra wide stretched displays up to 3000 nits, also suitable for ticket and vending machines with stretched aspect ratio and outdoor requirements.

LCD Module (TFT)
Size from 1″ ~98″ LCDs

LCD Module (Character)
8 Characters x 2 Lines
12 Characters x 2 Lines
16 Characters x 1 Lines
16 Characters x 2 Lines
16 Characters x 4 Lines
20 Characters x 2 Lines
20 Characters x 4 Lines
24 Characters x 2 Lines
40 Characters x 2 Lines
40 Characters x 4 Lines

LCD Module (Graphic)
80×16 dots ~ 100×64 dots
128×32 dots ~ 144×32 dots
160×44 dots ~ 192×64 dots
240×64 dots ~ 240×160
320×240 dots ~ 640×200

LCD Feature:

  • Ultra Wide aspect ratio
  • Slim Bezel Bar Lcd Design
  • High Brightness
  • Wide Viewing Angle
  • LED Backlight and long life time
  • Anti-Shock
  • Low Power Consumption

Optional functions: A/D board(AV,VGA,DVI,HDMI), Waterproof ip65, outdoor housing, anti-reflective screen,  touch screen, media play, auto brightness control, light sensor,  manual brightness control functions for optional.

Applications: Transportation; Airport, Bus Station. Advertising; shopping, retail stores, restaurants, fast food. Public information, Government buildings, elevators, offices…

 Can not find the right Custom lcd screen? Please contact us custom!

Custom lcd screen highlight super wide aspect one among the key characteristics of custom lcd screen series.

The super wide aspect may be a direct outcome from the first 42″/32″ wide panel, therefore the horizontal dimension retains its1920x538 bar, and 1920 x 358 bar resolution. This suggests custom LCD screen can fit into particularly limited spaces, and high-definition content are often perfectly presented on their narrow, ultra-wide surface. High brightness the advanced panel cutting technology allows custom lcd keep their high brightness: with 800 nits; and bar with 700 nits.

As a result, custom LCD screen series can support various industrial applications in outdoor or semi-outdoor scenarios. Compared with the normal led sign boards, custom LCD screen series present brighter, more vivid and stunning images. Led backlight and power-saving following the trend for environmentally friendly and power saving products, custom lcd screen series features led backlight technology, and low operating temperatures of under 40°cand24/7 playback. The led backlight can save 50% less power consumption than traditional led signage boards. Surprisingly, custom lcd screen series still offers long-time operation up to 50, 000 hoarfrost performance and energy saving applications.

Wide viewing angle digital signage displays are often deployed in confined spaces where it’s crowded and noisy. Therefore, high brightness, high contrast display swath wide-viewing angle seethe key to grabbing and holding the user’s attention. Bar custom lcd screen series with 176°(h)/ 176°(v) viewing angle, is suitable for both horizontal and vertical installation and ensures that colors are going to be bright and accurate when viewed from any direction. Flexible placement 1the screen isn’t broken, but there are blotches of a black ink-like liquid within the screen. The ink are often pushed / moved slightly by wiping with tons of pressure, but it stays within the same general area. Albeit the backlight is replaced, the ink remains visible within the tft glass.

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