Sunlight readable OLED

Sunlight readable OLED display

Important knowledge of the guidance sunlight readable OLED displayed

1. What is led?
LEDs are used for light emitting diodes which are a type of semiconductors for converting electronic signals into infrared rays and light and utilizing the characteristics of compound semiconductors to receive them. It is used for home appliances, remote control, electronic bulletin board, various automation equipment and so on.

2. What is the pixel pitch, pixel density, number of LEDs, pixel composition?
Pixel pitch The distance between adjacent pixels.
Pixel density is the number of pixels per square meter.
LED quantity is the quantity of OLED per square square.
Pixel configuration For example, use one red lamp, one green lamp, one blue lamp to configure a pixel. The pixel configuration is 1 r 1 g 1 b.

3. What are the guided types, module sizes and module decisions?
It is a description of the OLED type OLED lamp. For example, brand, physical shape, lamp size etc.
Module size Dimensions of the module.
Module resolution The number of pixels per module.

4. What is the viewing angle?
Viewing Angle This is the maximum angle at which the display can be displayed with allowable visual performance. It includes horizontal viewing angle and vertical viewing angle.

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