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LCD Module includes TFT LCD display panel, Sunlight Readable LCD, Resizing Bar LCD, TFT LCD Module, Transflective LCD. Sunul offers a range of LCD panel module. TFT LCD displays meet the needs for products within industrial, medical, and consumer applications.

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Transflective LCD display which hold both transmissive and reflective properties, and the method of image display depends upon the conditions of the ambient environment. The display uses a back lighting with a transmissive property in dark environments, and uses external light with a reflective property in bright environments. Our improved transflective method allows for better color performance, which provides excellent color for outdoor sunlight readable use, which is similar to the transmissive high brightness LCD module.

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Transflective Display

Transflective LCD technology can be applied to certain selected regular LCD screen to introduce the LCD with a reflective function. With the imposed reflective function, the modified LCD can reflect the ambient light passing the LCD cell and utilize the reflected light beams as its illumination. The stronger the ambient light is, the brighter the LCD will appear. As a result, the modified LCD is viewable under lighting conditions including direct sunlight. Transflective LCD display is one types of the sunlight readable LCD. The transflective LCD display is a liquid-crystal display (LCD) that reflects and transmits light (transflective is a portmanteau of transmissive and reflective)

The Transflective Monitor range is from 1.5" to 24", with long Life low power Consumption LED back light and sunlight readable optical Bonding LCD Glass. We have addressed the need for a sunlight readable LCD with transflective LCD technology, used the imposed reflective function, the modified transflective LCD can reflect the ambient light passing the LCD cell and utilize the reflected light beams as its illumination. Put the transflective monitor face the sunshine directly, the stronger the ambient light, the brighter the LCD will appear as a results, the modified LCD is viewable under all lighting conditions including direct sunlight regardless the LCD's original brightness. It is also can be built-in the high brightness led back light, then it is complete sunlight Readable transflective display.

Transflective LCD Display product lists.

Inch LCD Model Type Resolution Brightness Color Backlight I/O
2.0 TL-2.0-240320 Transflective 240×320 250 65K/262K WLED TTL
2.2 TL-2.2-176220 Transflective 176×220 200 262K WLED TTL
2.4 TL-2.4-240320 Transflective 240×320 300 262K WLED TTL
2.7 TL-2.7-240320 Transflective 240×320 340 262K WLED TTL
3.5 TL-3.5-240320 Transflective 240×320 250 262K WLED TTL
3.5 TL-3.5-480640 Transflective 480×640 250 262K WLED TTL
4.3 TL-4.3-480800 Transflective 480×800 340 16.7M WLED MIPI
4.3 TL-4.3-480272 Transflective 480×272 350 16.7M WLED TTL
4.8 TL-4.8-7201280 Transflective 720×1280 300 16.7M WLED MIPI
5.7 TL-5.7-640480 Transflective 640×480 400 262K WLED TTL
8.4 TL-8.4-640480 Transflective 640×480 400 262K/16.7M WLED LVDS
10.4 TL-10.4-1024768 Transflective 1024×768 250 262K/16.7M WLED LVDS

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Sun readable LCD displays include transflective LCD and high brightness LCD,  both of them can all be viewed in the sun directive, but which one is best solution for your applications? Let's take a look at the comparison.

Advantages of the Transflective screen - power saving.

Particularly suitable for battery-powered displays or monitors because of its ultra-low energy consumption. Transflective LCD is fully readable in almost any environmental lighting conditions,  In addition, they are very energy efficient and are ideal for battery powered and mobile devices. Customers use the reflector screen to save power by reducing or turning off the display's back light in a bright environment due to the dominance of the "reflection" mode.

In darker environments, the "Transflective" mode dominates the radiation of the display back light. In daylight or bright environments, the display's "reflection" mode is more dominant through reflections of the endoscope structure. The transmissive LCD display display has a reflector in front of the back lights. Incident light reflects on the reflective layer and is used to illuminate the LCD display display. The Transflective monitor module has the "transmissive" and "reflection" functions, which meet the requirements for good performance in bright environments and direct sunlight.

 transflective lcd

High brightness LCD and Transflective LCD were compared with technical parameters, display performance, cost evaluation and so on. After reading this article, you will have a deep understanding of the sun readable display LCD display, and how to choose a sun readable LCD display, and the most suitable Transflective LCD or high brightness LCD for your outdoor display. 

Compared with the Transflective LCD, you know the Transflective LCD module has both "transmissive" and "reflection" functions. Transflective display is becoming more and more popular because of its requirements for working in the sun environment and direct sunlight, which is a good solution, the daylight readable display two display modes work together to improve viewable performance. As a result, Transflective Monitor is  fully readable under almost any ambient lighting condition. In addition, they are very energy efficient and ideal for battery powered and mobile applications.

Disadvantages - Compare as the high brightness LCD screen.

The LCD refresh frequency is lower, also the color is not bright enough, and the contrast is a bit poor, which is not suitable for the advertising.

 transflective display

Transflective LCD display structure

SUNUL Transflective LCD display, the reflectilayer is composed of the LCD unit's color filter, which has a higher Transflective ratio than Litemax Winstar or other brands of type LCD display. It has a high reflex ratio, while some other Transflective LCD module manufacturers.  If only the back of the Transflective monitor used Transflective polarizers, the reflectivity ratio is very small, is not a real transflective solutions. SUNUL supply the alternative Transflective LCD solution reflecting layer located on the rear polarizer, rather than the filter, the LCD displays reduced to the power consumption of the LCD display unit, thereby reducing power consumption and significantly reducing heat generation. On the other hand, the Transflective display has good readability.

Transflective LCD display has good readability in bright ambient light and direct sunlight. The transmissive screen can only operate at the led back lights, while the Transflective screen is characterized by a reflector on the LCD display unit's color filter, so that the incidental ambient light is reflected onto the transflective screen and reflected to illuminate the display. So even without back lighting, the transflective monitor readability of content in very bright sunlight is perfect.

What is Transflective LCD display?

The permeable LCD display has a transparent mirror in the LCD unit in front of the backlight.  Incident light is reflected and used to illuminate the transflective screen. Transflective display has two modes, "Transflective" and "reflection". The two display modes work together to improve performance, so even without any back lighting on the Transflective LCD, the performance of the content displayed in very bright light is perfect. Customers using the transflective monitor module can save energy by reducing or turning off the back light of the display in a bright environment.

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