9″ LCD Module

9 TFT LCD display

9″ LCD Module

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9″ LCD Module, 9″ TFT LCD, 800×480 or 1024×600, TFT LCD display manufacturer from china, we also can provide the custom make OLED, E ink screen

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9 inch TFT LCD module, 16.7M color.  The standard resolution is 800×480, options for 1024×600 High Resolution and IPS TFT LCD and resistive touch screen panel. T This model can also be upgraded to high brightness sunlight readable. This module has a 9 inch diagonally measured active area, touch panel for optional. The LCD module use the EK IC can display 16.7M colors, the driver is mounted on the glass and the interconnection FPC including components to drive the display screen. If you required, we also can supply the LVDS interface allowing for high-speed graphics and video data transfers.

9″ LCD Module

Size 9 Inch LCD Module
Resolution 800(H) x 480(V) (1024X600 options)
LCD Size 211 (W)×126.5(H)×6.2 mm(D)
Active Size 119.8(H) mm x 111.6(V) mm
Pixel Size 0.247(W) ×0.232(H) mm
Interface 24-bit digital (RGB) (LVDS options)
Touch Panel Resistive or Capacitive Touch Screen (options)


9 NL090VT12-50R-A01 800*480 50 RGB IVO TN EK 210.7*126.4*3.5 18D 180CD PDF
9 NL090VT12-50R-B01 800*480 50 RGB IVO TN EK 210.7*126.4*5.7 12D 120CD PDF
9 NL090VT12-50R-B02 800*480 50 RGB IVO TN EK 210.7*126.4*5.3 18D 180CD PDF
9 NL090VT12-50R-C01 800*480 50 RGB IVO TN EK 210.7*126.4*2.8 21D 200CD PDF
9 NL090VT08-50L-A01 1024*600 50 LVDS IVO TN EK 210.7*126.4*2.8 21D 220CD PDF
9 NL090VT09-50R-A01 1024*600 50 RGB IVO TN EK 210.7*126.4*2.8 21D 220CD PDF
9 NL090VT17-40L-A01 1024*600 40 LVDS IVO TN EK 210.7*126.4*6.2 39D 350CD PDF

SUNUL is one of the leading TFT LCD display OEM/ODM manufacturers in China since 2013. We provide a one-stop LCD display solution. During the last 10 years, based on LCD manufacturing as our center, we gradually expand to the TFT capacities touchscreen, TFT LCD, driving board, high bright LCD, transflective LCD, stretched bar LCD and complete industrial computer solution.

SUNUL has been a worldwide business in design, produce and custom LCD display lead the industry in making high quality rugged solutions. We make LCD module with the specialized fluid and parameters for the difference applications. We also worked on the full range of the LCD solutions development, offering customers unique, innovative, and cost effective yet market leading modules, catering for a range of applications and industries.

We follow a people-oriented, quality and customer-first approach in all of our dealings. That is why we maintain a clean environment which is conducive for working and take the environment into account during the manufacturing process.