55″ High Brightness LCD Monitor

55 inch high brightness monitor

55″ High Brightness LCD Monitor

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55″ Really high brightness Sunlight Readable  LCD, High brightness, Large Contrast Ratio & Definition, Outstanding Vivid Color & Image Quality, Energy Efficient, Low Power Consumption,Significant Environmental Performance and Reliability,Wide Operational Temperature Range

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55 inch sunlight readable LCD monitor, 1500 nits high brightness, resolution 1920×1080, led back light driving board, A/D board, which can be directly viewed under the sunshine.The brightness can be adjusted by light sensor or manual brightness control by PWN signals. Which back-lights used our own super bright LED back-light, therefore achieving superior optical kit features, excellent heat dissipation and high reliability.

Due to its high brightness and temperature adaptability, stable, clear and vivid kit can be seen under strong sunlight and extreme temperatures. It can be equipped widely in apparatus and instrument, and other special types of work for outside operation.


A/D board inputs (AV,VGA,DVI,HDMI),  touch screen, media player, auto brightness control, light sensor, rs232 rs485 brightness control, over heater protection, waterproof ip65 enclosure, industry monitor metal housing. Chassis mount sunlight readable LCD display (Plastic/Metal housing), open frame and panel moun.

Model Housing Type Resolution Inputs
SL-55 LCD Kit(Open Frame) 1920X1080 VGA+DVI/HDMI
SM-55 Metal Housing Monitor 1920X1080 VGA+DVI/HDMI

55″ High brightness LCD monitor

Panel Type 55″ sunlight readable LCD
Resolution 1920×1080, 4K for optional
Display Area 1209x680mm
Brightness 2000nits with light sensor (2000~6000nits for optional)
Contrast Ratio 2000:1
Colors 16.2M/552k colors
View Angle 89/89/89/89
Lifetime 50000
ODS Control Auto Menu Select(+,-)Exit On/Off
Touch Screen
Type Touch Screen (Optional)
Signal Input AV/BNC,VGA,(DVI/HDMI for optional)
Touch Connectors USB / RS232(Optional)
Power Input AC100~240V
Power Consumption ≤250W
Material Plastic or metal chassis
Mounting VESA Wall Mount
Dimensions 1300x780x80mm
Operating Temp -20~55C
Storage Temp -30~70C

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