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Engineering Information
Our selected original TFT-LCD modules are created to deliver optimum functionality more than a wide array of temperatures (Panel operating temp. from -20 to 70 degrees C) so as to accommodate for diverse industrial applications for instance outdoor Kiosks in winter and summer season.
How does this technologies perform?

With our heater electronic control mechanism with temperature sensors, the heater management board can control the heater on or off and then regulate the inner program temperature alter.

(In normally check condition, genuine situation ought to rely on your panel and mechanical variety). On the minimal temperature problem, the mechanism starts from pre-heating process and then the LCD panel turn on when its four degrees Celsius. Once the internal temperature drop under 7 degrees, the heater will be turned on once again to maintain the technique on and maintain the temperature above 0 degree Celsius.

Around the other side, on the higher temperature condition, the mechanism maintains the energy switch to safeguard from overheating. The power will turn off when more than 65 degrees C, and can back to turn on standing if the internal temperature drop back to 55 degrees. With superior fan cooling process design and style, the turn-off temperature can also be applied on this mechanism. Combined with mechanical NMEA/IP degree front bezel and other technical module integration, the wide temperature variety procedure technology reveals exceptional reliability in harsh natural environment application.


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