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What is Anti-Reflection Glass Coating Technology?

Anti-Reflection Glass Coating Technolog rBenefits

  • Anti-reflective covered protection glass can minimize mirror image and maximize transmittance
  • Anti-glare covered protection glass can scatter light directed at first glance and soften the look of direct light sources visible within the reflection from the viewing area
  • With two side AR and one for reds AG covered glass are recommended to supply the very best visibility

There's two different options of optical enhancement solutions which include anti-reflective covered and/or anti-glare protection glass. These technologies could be broadly utilized in outside and indoor atmosphere by improving optical performance of shows.

The anti-reflective films around the protection glass have excellent performance in tough ambient light conditions. Using the normal glass, the strong reflection from the ambient light reduces visibility and results in trouble for viewer. Our special anti-reflective covered protection glass can increase contrast by improving light transmission rate over 95% (light reflectance rate under 5%) and may effectively diminish the mirror images. The multi-layer vapor depositing coating either on one for reds or two sides of glass is made to minimize reflectance and maximize transmittance.

Another solution, by having an anti-glare (AG) covered protection glass, a microscopically rough surface laminated to the best of display can diffuse glare. The chemically etched glass which has a slightly textured finish can help to eliminate reflection by scattering light directed on its surface. It may soften the look of direct light sources visible within the reflection from the viewing area.


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