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What is sunlight readable lcd technology?

Enhanced contrast ratio and change the sunlight readable back light.Sunlight readable lcd technology is often applied to certain chosen standard TFT LCD to introduce the LCD with a reflective function. With the imposed reflective function, the modified LCD can reflect the ambient light passing the LCD cell and utilize the reflected light beams as its illumination. The more robust the ambient light is, the brighter the LCD will seem. Because of this, the modified LCD is viewable below lighting ailments including direct sunlight. The benefits of sunlight readable lcd technologies are because the comparison table below.

How does this technological innovation do the job?
sunlight readable lcd modules hold both transmissive and reflective properties, as well as the strategy of image display depends upon the disorders from the ambient natural environment. The display makes use of a backlight by using a transmissive house in dark environments, and makes use of external light that has a reflective property in vivid environments. Our enhanced transflective method will allow for better colour functionality, which offers exceptional color traits related for the transmissive mode. The net Reflectance price of our sunlight readable lcd solution is from 0.9% to one.3% varied from panels selected. For example, with one.3% net reflectance rate and beneath ten,000 ambient sunlight disorders, the brightness get is about 130 nits extra to authentic backlight brightness.

Technology/Function Diagrams

Handling Cautions
Maintain temperature at 0~50XC (32-121XF) and Stay clear of direct sunlight about the show.
Although sunlight readable lcd is generally employed in outside environment and can raise the successful lighting below sunlight, it is proposed that user ought to hold the LCD in correct temperature for operation and storage. To make sure the sunlight readable lcd get the job done stably, it can be essential the thermal resolution so as to guarantee show can operate stably on 0~50XC.

Arrange suitable contrast ratio to ambient light
Contrast ratio can be a important element that could influence the readability. Such as, should you place the LCD in very higher ambient light natural environment; even the brightness of show is pretty higher; the contrast concerning the ambient as well as the show is also reduced. Thus, we might not be capable of see the clear LCD screen image. So that you can be sunlight readable, the contrast ratio for the ambient light need to be in correct variety.

Use SAW/ IR touch or Reduced reflectance rate Glass
When you demand for built-in protection glass, it truly is essential to work with the material whose reflectance rate is under 1%. It ought to be careful when using safety glass. Generally, the reflectance rate of protection glass can be as large as 4~6%, but we can provide the reflectance ration glass which is less 0.6%, so that the sunlight readability efficiency can function really well.

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