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LCD Module includes TFT LCD display panel, Sunlight Readable LCD, Resizing Bar LCD, TFT LCD Module, Transflective LCD. Sunul offers a range of LCD panel module. TFT LCD displays meet the needs for products within industrial, medical, and consumer applications.

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Comparing the cutting screens of sunul and litemax, the quality of our products is almost the same, and the materials are also similar, but our prices are cheaper. You are welcome to purchase samples and compare. Spanpixel resizing lcds ssf resizing lcd panels ssh resizing lcd panels with ad boards ssd chassis lcd monitors scd ssc double side resizing lcds durapixel sunlight readable lcds navpixel marine computing spanpixel, resizing lcds to resize a lcd is literally to chop the glass, polarizers, circuits and circuit boards to a replacement size. SUNUL had been thought impossible to preserve the first performance of a previously manufactured lcd once the glass circuits are cut. sunul has done the impossible, over and once again, becoming the world's leading pioneer and leader in lcd resizing solutions.

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