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Marine monitors or displays required the withstand extreme conditions, such as waterproof, sunlight-readable high bright, and deep-dimming backlights, making them fully functional displays for all lighting conditions and marine uses. Our marine all weatherproof monitor & computer products are built to provide maximum protection from dirty, wet and hostile operating environments.

The waterproof marine LCD monitor and display are designed specifically to withstand use in harsh marine environments. As a leading manufacture of marine displays, sunul has worldwide brand recognition in the marine industries. Our rugged marine LCD displays are engineered to handle extreme weather, sunlight and different temperature conditions. Our displays are sealed and built to stringent IP65 & IP67 standards. Compare litemax navpixel, marine Computing,NPD marine displays,NPS marine Panel PC.

We have 3 types Marine LCD Display

  1. Marine LCD kit (open-frame marine monitor)
  2. VESA Mount (Embedded Mount) Marine LCD Monitor
  3. Panel Mount (Flush Mount) LCD Monitor


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Marine LCD Monitor Kits

Marine LCD kitThe Marine LCD kit is the open frame monitor which includes sunlight readable panel, Knob deep dimming brightness from 0~100%, OSD control button, A/D board with VGA+DVI/HDMI input, Optional IP65 resistant & Capacitance touchscreen, wide voltage range power input acceptable, and anti-corrosion.

Panel Mount Marine LCD display

panel mount Marine LCD displayThe rugged marine panel mount (Flush Mount) monitor is specially engineered to survive from the most demanding working environment. The front-mounted sunlight readable touch screen makes the industrial rugged marine monitor vividly and user-friendly. Supports the standard VESA and panel flush Mount.

VESA Mount Marine LCD display

Vesa mount Marine LCD displayThe VESA mount marine LCD displays are designed for improved screen clarity and sharpness when viewed in direct sunlight or daylight, it supports muilt installations, standard VESA and Embedded Mount. It is ideally suited for environments where sun, moisture, salt and sea fog.

Complete Waterproof LCD Monitor

waterproof Marine monitorThe Sunul's complete all around IP65 marine display, All-Weather, All-Terrain, surroundings Resistant - to be used in Oil & Gas, Avionics, Military, Marine, Mining, Pharmaceutical, Industrial, Agricultural & additional, available izes for 7" to 24". 

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