LCD Module

LCD Module includes TFT LCD display panel, Sunlight Readable LCD, Resizing Bar LCD, TFT LCD Module, Transflective LCD. Sunul offers a range of LCD panel module. TFT LCD displays meet the needs for products within industrial, medical, and consumer applications.

Industrial LCD Panel

Whether you are looking for a rugged, industrial-grade Character, Graphic, TFT LCD panel Module. Nowadays, we frequently face the need to use industral Character, Graphic, TFT LCD module or display in front of a window. As a result, many users have to put up with off-putting sun rays which keep them from working. Inability to focus on a particular task because of the blinding light has become the common problem for designers, IT professionals and other people working on a computer. However, this optical bonding is not insurmountable. As a reliable TFT LCD panel supplier, the SUNUL company takes great pains to ensure the highest quality Industry TFT LCD display and to eliminate blurring for all of our small size LCD display.

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Industrial TFT LCD

Industrial TFT LCD Panel

SUNUL factory offers the finest choice of Industry TFT LCD modules. In case you are searching for one, you are at the right place. We deliver a wide assortment of high-quality TFT LCD displays at attractive prices. Here, you will find TFT LCD monitor for every taste and budget. Browse our online catalog and choose the model that suits your needs and preferences best.

Industrial Character LCD

Character LCD Module

Character LCD module display formats are available from 8x2 through to 40x4. We have full range of character LCM, and let's see character LCD display module, COG type (Chip On Glass), white background color and black characters. Those cheap Character LCD and LCM modules can be used on industrial and consumer's products.

Industrial Graphic LCD

Graphic LCD Module

SUNUL is a professional Graphic LCD Industrial LCM Design & Manufacturer, one of Toshiba, Emerson, GE LCD supplier. Industrial graphic LCD displays are available in dot matrix format of graphic graphic LCD products. Sizes available include 122x32, 128x64, 144x32, 160x32, SUNUL graphic LCD module display supply small to medium scale resolution with price,interface,datasheet,pin out,accessories are available from manufacturer.

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