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Sunlight readable LCD gallery

sunlight readable lcd test in outside,application we provides many high bright LCD kit/panel/display/monitor for use outside or in brightly-lit areas.

High bright LCD kit/panel/display/monitor aka Sunlight Readable LCD kit/panel/display/monitor, Vivid LCD Show, outdoor LCD, Daylight Viewable LCD, Sun Readable LCD, Daylight Show  ordinarily feature 1,000 nits, 1500 nits or one,6000 nits brightness.

For comparison, a standard laptop display has a optimum brightness of 150-200 nits.

Sunlight Readable Display are exceptional for viewing every single detail even in ultra-bright, direct sunlight. We provide 3.5",4.3",5.7",eight.4" ,10.4",12",15",17",19",22",26",32",42",55",65" Sunlight Readable LCD kit/panel/display/monitor.

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