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Outdoor sunlight readable lcd display technical

Sunlight Readable LCD Display

Outdoor LCD TV structure design

√ All weatherproof, dustproof, anti-vandal
Rust More than 7 years.
√ Modular design,

√ Easy to maintain AR safety glass, reflect anti-tampering measures,
Optical transmission zero UV

outdoor lcd display screen, Easy to read sun LCD

√ High Bright Panel Brightness
√ Original LED, energy saving efficient and more energy (55 ', 2000 cd / m 2
Automatic adjustment 1500 - 3500 cd / m 2
√ LED backlight, environmentally friendly
√ energy saving with light sensor, 280 w)
  outdoor lcd display screen
Outdoor liquid crystal is extreme environment

Built in intelligent air conditioner which can be used in √.

√ Environmental temperature -40 - 55

√ Direct sunlight without liquid crystal

√ R134a R410a Environmentally friendly refrigerant

Under the √ is black, monitoring temperature, humidity, vibration

  outdoor lcd display screen

outdoor lcd display screen
Running state etc.

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