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Customized Service for LCD

SUNUL provides exceptional personalization customized service for different LCD requirements, such as resizing stretched lcd panel, high brightness panel, transflective lcd panel. Dependent to the technological rewards and wealthy knowledge, we are in a position to much better handle all your requires, supply the specialist advices and strategies, and supply the appropriate product or service answer from style to performance.

Outdoor sunlight readable lcd display technical

Sunlight Readable LCD Display

Outdoor LCD TV structure design

√ All weatherproof, dustproof, anti-vandal
Rust More than 7 years.
√ Modular design,

√ Easy to maintain AR safety glass, reflect anti-tampering measures,
Optical transmission zero UV

outdoor lcd display screen, Easy to read sun LCD

How to install LCD monitor?

With your LCD monitor you will receive all the cables and connectors necessary for you personally to start out setting up your Tv right away. Knowledge of DIY is necessary to fit the unit. In the event you do have familiarity with DIY and involve some assistance please really feel totally free to phone us and we are able to arrange for any professional to ring you back and assist you no cost of charge.

How to make the LCD sunlight readable?

What Makes a LCD Display Readable in brilliance Light?Have you at any point been at the auto wash in the late evening, attempting to peruse the directions on the show at the compensation booth? That might be on the grounds that it was not a daylight meaningful LCD show.

Sunlight Readable Monitor Used For Universitiy

sunlight readable monitor

One area in which high brightness lcd solutions are currently used is schools and universities. This technology provides an excellent way to effectively deliver important information to students, staff, and visitors. These sunlight readable lcd digital signage solutions can be installed around every educational complex so that anyone on campus can see the information.

Optically Bonded Monitors

SUNUL offers both SUNLIGHT Readable Optically Bonded screens and genuine Sunlight Readable screens. Daylight Readable screens are perfect for use in brilliant conditions with circuitous or reflected splendid light. They include a defensive Anti-Reflective external glass, and Optical Bonding to dispose of interior reflections.

High bright monitor factory

Sunlight readable LCD display factory from china, include the sunlight readable LCD panel or Transflective LCD panel manufacture. which can be clearly readable under sunlight. With our patented super high brightness LCD / LED back light cooling system module in the monitor, the heat dissipation problem faced by super high brightness LED back light is basically solved.

New types Outdoor TV

SUNUL is a trade manufacturer of specialist IP66 rated waterproof & weatherproof flat screen television panels are suitable for bathroom, shower, kitchen, garden, patio or outdoor signage & advertising displays.

Small size sunlight readable lcds

SUNUL has an extensive choice of daylight discernable showcases. We convey both realistic daylight intelligible LCD shows and also character daylight discernable LCD shows.

A transflective lcd offers bring down power for high surrounding light applications, great daylight comprehensibility, and great harmony amongst indoor and outside coherence. They perform better under all lighting conditions, particularly coordinate daylight.

Sunlight readable LED

Important knowledge of the guidance sunlight readable led displayed

1. What is led?
LEDs are used for light emitting diodes which are a type of semiconductors for converting electronic signals into infrared rays and light and utilizing the characteristics of compound semiconductors to receive them. It is used for home appliances, remote control, electronic bulletin board, various automation equipment and so on.

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