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LCD Module / Panel

Manufactures for LCD Module / Panel includes the TFT LCD Module, Sunlight Readable LCD, high brightness LCD, Resizing LCD, Stretched Bar LCD monitor and displays.


The Best Selection of TFT LCD Displays

SUNUL store offers the finest choice of TFT LCD modules. In case you are searching for one, you are at the right place. We deliver a wide assortment of high-quality TFT displays at attractive prices. Here, you will find TFT monitor for every taste and budget. Browse our online catalog and choose the model that suits your needs and preferences best.

What Is TFT Display?

TFT stands for "thin-film transistor." TFT display generally refers to the flat-panel screen of a computer monitor, television set, kindle, mobile phone, or any other flat-panel display navigation system. Even though a TFT monitor is considered as one kind of LCD, it’s much higher quality than a regular LCD monitor. It has been proven many times that TFT monitor is better in every way, except that it is more expensive.

What’s So Special About TFT LCD Monitors?

There are numerous reasons to invest in TFT LCDs. The primary advantages of TFT monitor are the following:

  • Less energy consumption
  • Sharper visibility
  • Top-notch design
  • Better response time
  • Less eye strain compared to regular LCDs

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, there are other benefits TFT displays provide, including sizing options, availability, and touch-functionality. Let’s delve deeper into each of them.

Sizing options: TFT displays are widely known for their sizing options. Different sized modules give you the chance to select a generally original module. Monitor’s compact form facilitate their quick installation — you can easily hang them on the wall in the room of almost any size.

Availability: Another great thing about these displays is the fact that they are readily available. Whatever state or country you live in, you can easily buy TFT module online. No need to search for hours tracking one down – you can select the one you like the most and purchase it online in just a few clicks. Save your time and stress – buy TFT LCDs online at SUNUL online store.

Touch-functionality: Nowadays, most TFT LCD monitors feature touch-functionality. This comes in handy for a lot of different purposes, and it makes using the modules extremely easy. It also provides you with a unique experience every time, whether you are searching through settings or performing different types of operations. TFT modules are the way of the future, and they make your life a whole lot easier. — Reliable TFT Display Manufacturers

What makes our online shop so special is the fact that we offer a huge range of TFT LCD modules, including 4.3”, 5”, 7”, 8", 9", 10.1" and 11.6" TFT LCD displays. As SUNUL, you can choose from a variety of options: resistive touch screen, capacitive touch screens, high brightness, transflective, high resolution and IPS screen — all in one place. These LCD screens allow you to showcase multi colors and images with their colors to the fullest.

Contact SUNUL representative today to find out which TFT monitor is best for your needs.

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Resizing LCD

SUNUL offer the custom lcd panel, customized cutting panel, ultra wide stretched LCD display from 6" to 65" for indoor/outdoor application. With specific ratios, high resolution, high brightness, sunlight readable, it used for digital signage, public transportation,vending machine and industrial applications. To resize the stretched LCD is literally to cut the LCD glass, polarizers, circuits and circuit boards to a new size. SUNUL have the resize lcd technology and we can supply the customized solution for any bar LCD requirements.

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Sunlight Readable LCD

SUNUL offer the sunlight readable LCD,optically bonded and daylight readable panel,module,displays. High Brightness LCD is ideal for use in bright conditions with indirect or reflected bright light conditions. They feature 1,000 to 2,200 nits of brightness. Please check our gallery pictures comparing sunlight readable display and optically bonded LCDs to standard LCD monitors in direct bright sunlight. As you will see, both the sunlight LCD and optically LCDs produce much clearer, the image you'll get would be very clear when put it in the outside or face to the sun directly. Available size for sunlight readable display monitors for 2.4", 3.5",4.3",5.7",6.5",7.0",8.0",8.4",10.4",12", 15",17", 19", 21", 22", 26", 32", 42", 46", 55", 65", 70", 72", 82"

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Transflective LCD

Transflective LCD panel module and display hold both transmissive and reflective properties, and the method of image display depends upon the conditions of the ambient environment. The display uses a backlight with a transmissive property in dark environments, and uses external light with a reflective property in bright environments. Our improved transflective method allows for better color performance, which provides excellent color characteristics similar to the transmissive mode.

Transflective LCD display technology can be applied to certain selected regular TFT LCD to introduce the LCD with a reflective function. With the imposed reflective function, the modified LCD can reflect the ambient light passing the LCD cell and utilize the reflected light beams as its illumination. The stronger the ambient light is, the brighter the LCD will appear. As a result, the modified LCD is viewable under lighting conditions including direct sunlight.

Monitor / Display

Waterproof LCD Display

The SUNUL company has been trying to implement the most sophisticated technologies within the monitor lineup since their advent. The good news is that we have successfully managed to do it. Today we come up with top-quality outdoor displays that deeply impress everyone standing in front of them. It is superior color quality and enclosure durability that make our screens outstanding. Even under severe weather conditions, these displays will keep working while providing passers-by with bright images.

Regardless of the aim you pursue, a waterproof LCD monitor is created to make a difference. It is widely used for personal, commercial, and industrial needs. Mainly owing to being viewable when exposed to direct sunlight, such a display has become a powerful marketing weapon. It can be easily installed at the rear of a house, on the way towards a store, or along an expressway. Thus, a waterproof LCD is an ideal item either to spend time with your loved ones while watching favorite TV shows or to attract new customers to your business.

Key Benefits of Our Outdoor Displays:

  • Waterproof and weather-tight enclosure.

SUNUL offers monitors with increased protection against heavy rains and collisions. Due to their tempered glass and anti-glare properties, they can be applied without compromising on image quality and device durability. Equipped with the leading-edge airflow system, our displays are kept cool even when it is 50°C outside.

  • Excellent color reproduction and brightness.

We place a premium on making TV colors resemble natural ones. At SUNUL, you can find waterproof LCD monitors of various sizes – from 32" to 65". Our products feature up to 2,500 nits, and that ensures high brightness even in the blinding sunlight.

  • Versatility of use.

Being unsusceptible to all kinds of humidity means that a display is perfect for digital signage. If you are striving for increased brand awareness and customer traffic, such a promotion will significantly contribute to your campaign. It opens the door to more attractive prospects than unnoticeable posters. Unlike other types of external advertising, an outdoor display with LCD enclosure presents the head-turning content which can be changed whenever you want. Besides, you can use a monitor to provide a person with additional information.

Get a Display for Outside Use

While setting the quality bar higher and higher, we place an increasing focus on the display reliability. Our LCD monitors are designed to be ruggedized and hard-wearing. At SUNUL, every all-weather TV model is thoroughly tested and covered by a warranty. From now on, there is no point in looking for alternatives. A waterproof display is a must-have for your advertising campaign!

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High Brightness Monitor

SUNUL offers several high brightness LCD monitor for use outdoors or in high bright sunlight readable  areas. The high brightness lcd monitor (Sunlight Readable display,high bright lcd,high brightness lcd,high bright lcd monitor,high brightness display, Outdoor LCD, Daylight Viewable LCD, Daylight Display) typically feature 1,000 nits~2500nits brightness.  Sunlight Readable monitors / displays are excellent for viewing every detail even in ultra-bright, direct sunlight. We provide 8.4" ~82" high brightness lcd monitor.

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