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Outdoor TV & Outdoor LCD Display

Outdoor TV Monitors

When it comes to flat-panel optical devices, SUNUL takes great pains to move beyond conventional industry standards. That is why we offer a broad range of waterproof LCD TV displays for various purposes and applications. There are many advantages and favorable opportunities which come with a monitor for outside use. When you are going to throw a backyard party and invite your friends to watch a game, there is no need for homemade covers anymore. With our high-end devices, you can enjoy it to the full. From a commercial viewpoint, an outdoor waterproof TV set is ideal to be used instead of a commonplace storefront or an information desk. This will help your business to fulfill its potential.

Characteristics of Our Models

SUNUL puts forward the best outdoor TV displays. Rest assured that you won’t face any difficulties when applying such a unit outside, and here is why:

  • Weatherproof protection. Our devices are capable of withstanding adverse weather conditions, including humidity and dust.
  • Anti-reflective and robust design. Being made of tempered glass, our products ensure unmatched brightness, wide viewing angles, and resistance to scratches at the same time.
  • Advanced cooling system. Outdoor TV monitors from SUNUL can boast the operating temperature of up to 50°C.
  • IP rated enclosure. Having undergone multiple tests, our all-weather displays are proved to withstand dust ingress and powerful water jets.

Areas of Use

Today digital disruption sets new rules for business promotion while making it more challenging to catch the eye of a customer. To leave your competitors far behind, you should take advantage of up-to-date techniques. With our outdoor LCD TV units, you can forget about lackluster performance. Regardless of the location, they do not require a myriad of installation accessories and controller boxes. Thanks to the easiness of use and ability to be applied in direct sunlight without decreasing image clarity, outdoor displays have become a go-to tool for commercial purposes. For instance, they are perfect for showing regularly updated figures, production information, or welcoming messages. Outdoor waterproof TV monitors can be installed at sports venues, transportation facilities, parking areas, entertainment centers, shopping malls, and even military bases.

SUNUL Will Add a Personal Touch to Your Monitors

We realize the importance of brand identities being presented at all equipment and accessories. As a custom-made option, SUNUL can include your company logo, slogan, unique colors, or any other details on all products for more effective marketing. It doesn’t matter what screen size you choose – 32" or 65" – we will provide you with the most creative solution.

Once you opt for our waterproof liquid-crystal displays, you get lifetime technical support from our professionals. Take a closer look at product specifications.

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