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  • sunlight readable lcd
    sunlight readable lcd sunlight readable lcd monitor high brightness 1000 nits optically bonded daylight viewable monitors are designed for extreme environments,direct sunlight,hot,cold dirty.
  • high brightness lcd
    high brightness lcd high brightness lcd display enhanced computer monitors are ideal for outdoor use where direct sunlight and very high ambient light conditions are present.
  • transflective lcd
    transflective lcd Transflective LCD Kits / modules hold both transmissive and reflective properties.The display uses a backlight with a transmissive property in dark environments, and uses external light with a reflective property in bright environments.

TFT LCD Module Manufacturer in China

Nowadays, we frequently face the need to use tft lcd module or display in front of a window. As a result, many users have to put up with off-putting sun rays which keep them from working. Inability to focus on a particular task because of the blinding light has become the common problem for designers, IT professionals and other people working on a computer. However, this optical bonding is not insurmountable. As a reliable LCD panel supplier, the SUNUL company takes great pains to ensure the highest quality of a picture and to eliminate blurring for all of our small size LCD display.

Sunlight readable LCD Monitor for Outdoor Use:

  • Excellent high brightness lcd effect due to scattered backlights.
  • High brightness LCD up to 2,200 nits.
  • Stunning color
  • High resolutions and transflective lcd panel suitable for bright and dim illumination.
  • Increased anti-shock and anti-humidity properties along with a dustproof enclosure to maintain a visible picture under all circumstances.

Direct sunlight may result not only in image quality degradation and vague colors but also in yellowing of the LCD display surface. Given the increasing number of customers requiring durable displays for outdoor and sunlight exposure purposes, we introduce the game-changing high bright LCD monitors. From this point on, you don’t need to use homemade anti-glare covers for external digital signage.

Outdoor LCD Display & Outdoor TV

Unique Display Will Make Your Day! Apart from the market-leading outdoor TV monitor displays, SUNUL offers resizing and stretched screens. Their main features include the ultra-wide and out-of-the-box design as well as unforgettable visual performance. With patent-protected technologies, we have made great strides in meeting your preferences. Our team produces special custom-made monitors which enable you to enjoy breathtaking panoramic views to the full. Whatever purposes you pursue, bar LCDs by SUNUL can turn into an invaluable tool for commercial, industrial and home use. Moreover, you are guaranteed to get a warranty and lifetime technical support for all items presented on our website.

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TFT LCD Module
TFT LCD Module

OLED, TFT LCD Module Factory

Engaged in tft LCD module & panel development, production, engineering, technical support services as the main body of the high-tech enterprises. We have made rapidly progress during recent years and have our own factory located in Shenzhen.


transflective lcd monitor
Transflective LCD Supplier

Transflective LCD Manufacture

Transflective LCD Kit include the both transmissive and reflective functions, and the method of image display depends upon the conditions of the ambient environment. The transflective method allows for better color performance with the excellent brightness.

Transflective LCD +++

resize lcd
Resize Stretched LCD

Resize LCD Manufacture

Resize LCD Panels & Monitors, the stretched LCD display (with the ultra wide aspect ratio 16:3,16:4.5) is from 8" to 65" for indoor and outdoor application. Optional: sunlight readable high bright up to 3000nits, ultra wide aspect ratio, waterproof,RS232 port, remote control.

Resize LCD +++

sunlight readable lcd

Developed LCD module enterprise

Our R&D team has over 5 years combined experience of LCD module design and support.We have laid a very attention onto the international market from the beginning of our operating, and won a great success and a very good reputation of our products has been awarded from our customers.

LCD Quality

High-quality TFT LCD products.

Our merchandise offer outstanding high-quality and reliability. Sunul adheres to the quality first, strives for realism the innovation, mutually beneficial win-win policy, strictly according to the requirements of ISO9001 quality certification system operation.